8/3/2005 - 12/21/2016Simba was my pride and joy. After my Rottie Odie J died due to a break into my house, I decided I would like another dog for company. I read on news articile about a bull dog for free. So I decided to check it out on my lunch time beings the address was close to where I worked. When I got there and they show me the dog, I didnt know what to think. Never really seen an American bull dog. For years we had Rotties and prior to that we raised Pit Bulls. So I asked questions and he seemed very freindly. So I said if I take him home this week end and if it doesnt work may I return back to you and he said sure. So I went back friday after work and picked up Simba. Simba is a Johnson American Bull dog. He did well sitting in the back of my pick up truck riding just like a person. Got home got out of truck and came inside and sniffed around. He seemed to be o.k. Well the next day I had to go out for about a hour so I thought lets see what happens and also he was already 6 when I got him. So he was already pottie trained and neutered. Well when I got back he made him self comfortable on my couch. Didnt even get up to greet me. When he adjusted real well. When I was off from work him and I would go to the dog parks or take a ride to the Keys. He was my side kick to run around with. He always sat up like a person in the back seat of truck and look around. One year after I had for a while I decided to make a road trip to Pennsylvanis to see a family I know which was like my family. It took 2 and half days I dont drive when it gets dark. We had a good time at the rest stops and people would ask me what kind of dog so I would tell them. I got so many compliments on him. He did well at my friends house she even had cats and he got along with them. I spoiled him quite well. When I would eat my dinner or what ever he was always there for a hand out which he got. He even slept with me on my bed. Thank heavens I had a queeen size bed. Then in April of last year he started to limp took him to vet and he said he has a torn acu I think it was callled. well I had the surgery and it lasted until Nov of 2016 when he started to limp again, took him back again and was told he has arthoritis real bad in hips and one knee. so they gave me a special dog food so he would lose weight and pain pills. Well him a dog isnt active how will he lose weight. Well him and I struggle with the situation trying to get him up to go out side.After up he would walk a little and then fall down, thats when I decided after about a week of this, it was time to let him go to Rainbow Brige where my other furry friends are. So I called Lap of Love and had Dr Issac for the service. He as frally great. He took his time and explain what was going to happened. My son and friend was with me when we did this. Dr Issac even made a paw print of Simba. I miss him he was a great soul mate.
Well about a week later I posted looking for an American bull dog and had a lady friend work at Knowles Animal clinc and she text me and said we haqve one that is here for adoption. I went and check him out. He is three and half brown and white american bull dog called Zeus. He is doing fine we are still adjusting to the situation. He is quite different than Simba this is more active which is good. He keeps me going and is a good companion too. So that is my story.
Nancy JohnsonNiami, FloridaJanuary 4, 2017
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Just wanted to tell Simba I miss him very much but I know he is out of pain and running free with all the others at Rainbow BridgeNancy Johnson - January 10, 2017

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