12/24/201610 years we had with our girl Connie. But only 3 days to digest the news, and say goodbye. Cancer took over, and there was nothing we could do. My sister in law,Holly, warned me about this one day. And when it did she assured me she knew who to call, but I thought no way is our Connie girl going anywhere. It all happened so quickly, but we are so blessed to have had those extra 3 days with our girl.
Connie was our fur baby since she was 6 weeks old. My husband was living in Kansas city, MO where he was completing his dental school. I was working in Saint Louis and was very happy at my place of work, so we were doing the long distance relationship thing. And so was Connie. This was one of the most stressful times in our lives, doing long distance and getting my husband through dental school. But Connie was our savior. She loved traveling back and forth between the two cities, the excitement on her face when we would say "car ride" is indescribable. We would take her to her favorite dog park, where she tried to swim but no such luck. Let's just say she did not get the doggy paddle down. But that all changed when we moved to Florida. Our condo sat directly on the bay of the Gulf of Mexico, where she would swim with the both of us, take walks on the beach every night, and of course BBQ together (she always got her fair share of food). We enjoyed every day in the sunshine state, a whole calendar year to be exact. Until military orders came in that we were moving overseas to the U.K. Panic came about wondering how in the world will we be able to move Connie with us? Normal routine, she flies in the belly of the plane in no time, just after a bit of routine quarantine. 3 months she stayed with family in Saint Louis until she was cleared to meet us in England. We thought our life was over! 3 months without our girl seemed like eternity! But she made it, and adjusted to the British life rather quickly. Made friends with the dog next door, Lottie. Loved walking to the park to chase after her ball. Even loved the grazing sheep in our village. And loved even more our human baby we introduced to her in 2011. Connie LOVED being a big sister. Protected her every step of the way. Including our move back to the states to Georgia where she became a big sister again to our rescue, Scarlett, a lab mix. They quickly acquainted and became friends in the southern life. It was so hot there we could tell Connie missed the English weather, but didn't miss that flight!
Orders came through yet again, as in a military life they do quite often. Not long after we received those orders we found out we were expecting our second child. The decision was made, we were wanting to grow some roots so we separated from the military life and settled back home in Saint Louis. Connie was thrilled. She was around her grandparents, and back to the Midwest where she was from. Two and a half short years of being back and settled, we had the Christmas we will never forget. Connie gained her angel wings, and our sweet well traveled fur baby was called to doggy heaven. The decision to help her gain these wings was the hardest, yet most comforting decision we made. Lap of love made this nightmare a truly peaceful experience. Dr. Woodruff said all the right things from educating us about what was happening to Connie and why. And what our choices were and why. To treating Connie like her own from the moment she arrived. My husband and I could not speak, Dr. Woodruff knew and felt our sorrow. Held Connie with us until the very end, and for that we feel she is also an angel that arrived at our doorstep that day. We would not have had Connies last moments any other way, and for that we are thankful for lap of love. The paw print you made us, the fur you kept for us, the letter you wrote about Connie for us. All show us you are truly an angel that helped us get through one of the most dreaded times in our lives. May Connie rest in peace, and we will continue to miss our girl every single day.
Liz LehmuthSaint Louis, MissouriJanuary 4, 2017
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My family was fortunate enough to know sweet Connie while we all lived in England. We also got the privilege of having her as a house guest. She had such a wonderful time playing with our Golden, Tucker and chasing after our, then, young toddler. Connie was the sweetest dog, and the best pup we've ever watched. It breaks all our hearts that you are gone sweet Con-con!Korey Blackstock - January 5, 2017
You were such an amazing dog, you will be missed. So sorry to the Lehmuth family.Heidelberger - January 4, 2017
Connie was such a sweet and lovable dog, we will never forget her. I remember when we took her to Chicago to catch her flight to London. She was such a brave girl through the whole thing. We felt so bad for her but we knew she would be with her family soon and her heart would leap for joy.George & Sue Lehmuth - January 4, 2017
Aw, I simply love this adorable picture of sweet Connie!! <3 Her story (and your devotion to her!) touched my heart, and I was so honored to be a part of her final moments with you <3 Thank you for trusting me to help her! **hugs** to all of you, today and always <3Dr. Dawnetta Woodruff - January 4, 2017

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