Harley "Lady Luck"
8/18/2001 - 1/4/2017Words can not express how one feels when they lose a pet. My Harley was a precious Ori Pei with so many memories. She turned 16 years old and basically grew up with my kids. She was raised with my two boys. They were 7 and 10 when we got her. She was a tough little sole. She kept up with both boys as though she was a full grown St. Bernard. She was always at my side when I had my surgeries, comforting me. She loved going to the lake and loved to swim. If I went in a boat and didn't take her with me, she would swim out to the boat trying to get in the boat. She was just such a incredible dog. For a little dog, she had such a big personality! She had a wit about her I will never forget. My other pug is heartbroken and I debate on getting another dog, no dog can replace my Harley. Thank you lap of Love for making what could of been a horrible experience at the vet a peaceful ending to my little Harley. Dr. Gollub was so caring and I can not say enough about you. RIP Harley. We Love You!Sonja HallidayWilmington, MassachusettsJanuary 9, 2017
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Your memories and love for Harley will remain strong and will continue to comfort you.Peter Gollub - January 10, 2017

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