5/1/2005 - 12/16/2016Duke was most definitely a character. He has a sister Daisy born the same day. They were so different and sometimes so similar. we will remember our little guy forever. His charm was actually in his growl. He seemed to growl at everything and almost everybody. He was a happy little fellow though....his needs just a few. A good nap and tasty bone was it for him. He loved all of us and we loved him. As his mom I will always have a empty place in my heart now. Luckily he was only sick for about two weeks. He was very healthy for 11 1/2 years and for that I thank God, He was for sure....my heart :)kim rozakisnorthampton, PennsylvaniaJanuary 11, 2017
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We miss you and Daisy so much. Our hearts have a hole in them. I’m sure you and Daisy are enjoying all the treats heaven holds for you and enjoying each other’s company. We will never ever forget the good times. Love you two forever💜🐾Kim Rozakis - November 20, 2020
Hey Duke. Your anniversary is coming up and I can only hope you are enjoying the fields of heaven with your sister Daisy. We all miss you both terribly. There will be a constant hole in my heart for the rest of my days. Please have fun with Daisy and enjoy each other and all the goodies heaven has to offer. Love you forever buddy, mom💙💜🐾🐾Kim Rozakis - November 20, 2020
So Duke's been gone for over three years and i still miss him terribly. My heart will never be whole again. He was my bestie. We got each other. I love all my pups but he was most definitely "my heart". His sister passed in September 2017 and that ripped another piece of my heart out. Daisy was the sweetest puppy ever. Always smiling even while she was in pain. She was never the same though after Duke passed. Hoping they are running through the fields of heaven together. I hope you are both waiting for mommy when I come:)Kim Rozakis - January 6, 2020

Another Christmas has come and gone without you and Daisy. It will never get better and I will never get good at this. The pain of missing you does not get better. I also miss your sister Daisy as well. You are both hopefully with Grandma and running through the green fields of heaven enjoying each other. I love you dearly and miss you every day. You and Daisy were the best dogs ever!!! Love love


Kim Rozakis - March 25, 2019
Well guys....our first Christmas without either of you and it was very difficult. Only comfort is we know you are together. You can never be replaced. You were both so very special. We live and miss you and always will. Enjoy heaven and being with each other. Until we meet again ..... so very much love❤️Kim Rozakis - January 12, 2018
I cannot believe my little guy is gone a whole year. His sister has also passed and hopefully is running through fields of joy with him. I miss them both terribly each and every day. They were "my world" and will hold them in my heart forever and ever. Until we meed again my best friends:)kim rozakis - December 16, 2017
Duke - we hope you are enjoying your days and being the special pup you are. We are sending Daisy (your beautiful sister) to you and hope you both enjoy many long happy days together. We all have broken hearts for you both but have some comfort in knowing you both are free of pain and together again. Like peanut butter and jelly, Lucy and Ricky, you are meant to be together :) There most definitely will NEVER be two more special dogs or more loyal friends than you two. Please be happy and enjoy each other and the special things that heaven has to offer. Love you both forever and to the moon and back :)

Your loving mom
kim ROZAKIS - October 1, 2017
So Duke it soooo doesn't get better with time for me. I hope you are happy and spending your days with Grama. She can be alot of fun. I miss you each and every day and see you sometimes in your sister's face. She has some of your ways and it warms my heart to see you in her. I only hope you are enjoying all the wonder and great things in the afterlife. May you rest easy my best friend until we meet again. Lovekim rozakis - August 22, 2017
Well Dukie it has been almost 6 months. It has not gotten any easier. I miss you every day and have such an empty place in my heart. I know Daisy misses you also. We made a nice memorial for you outside in the yard (your favorite place) and think of you every day. You were such a huge part of all of our lives and you will never be forgotten. Until I see you again may God hold you in the palm of his hand:)KIM ROZAKIS - June 13, 2017
My Little brother Duke. Is been about 2 months, Miss you more than ever. Rest Easy my Old Friend. Summers outside wont be the same.Steven Rozakis - February 16, 2017
Well Duke I can honestly say it does not get any easier. Missing you so very much and feeling like a piece of my heart is gone. I know I will see you again someday but until that day I will hold you so close to my heart. Love you buddy:)kim rozakis - February 16, 2017
Duke was a character. He was a blessing to my whole family and we all miss him terribly. He is also missed by his sister, Daisy. We hope he is with Grama in heaven watching down on us:)KIM ROZAKIS - January 16, 2017
He was such big personality the few times i met and so cute Rest Easy DukeRachel Kerchner - January 14, 2017
Duke was a little guy with a big personality. He was fortunate to spend his days with a big, loving family.Bill Tancredi - January 13, 2017
Rest easy little guy... may you & granny walk the fields of heaven together... and may you meet mommy again one day...Lionel Gallardo - January 12, 2017

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