12/11/1998 - 1/11/2017I was the luckiest dog mom in the world! This little toy fox terrier spent 18 years with me and truly gave me unconditional love!Charlotte StirkSaint Pete, FloridaJanuary 11, 2017
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Gidget, be a good girl and wait for your Mommy at the Rainbow bridge. I'm sending some old friends to play with while you wait. We miss you. Have fun until we see you again.Rufus Jessup - January 13, 2017
Dear Cousins, So sorry for your tremendous loss. Giget now runs free, free from pain and disease. I know she blessed your life as you blessed hers. Take some strength from that. I am so sorry for the pain Emily and Shelby are enduring but I know you will ease them through this difficult times, just like you did for Gidget. Sending prayers and positive thoughts.
Love Kathy, Richard and Romeo ❤️
Kathy Cooper Bernal - January 12, 2017
We Love you. Gidgy will live in our hearts!Victor, Nancy, Max, Tobey Aliooper - January 12, 2017

Just as you were blessed to have Gidget by your side all those years, she was equally blessed to be your dog. Thank you so much for your thoughtful words. It's truly my honor to help. Thank you for entrusting me to care for your sweet girl in her final moments. I was moved to tears with the vulnerable outpouring of love you showed to her. I'm sure this was only a fraction of the love you gave her over the years. If only all dogs could be so lucky.

Sending you all my love and wishing your heart healing.

Jordy Merrifield
Jordy Merrifield - January 12, 2017
It is not easy when you have to go on after losing a loving dog who was such a good friend. I am from Mauritius have two fox terrier...Deepa Ratha - January 12, 2017
What a beautiful little sweetie; I am so sorry that Gidget has left you. She will never leave your heart. Holding you in the Light, Charlotte.Hilary Sachs - January 12, 2017

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