5/15/2002 - 1/1/2017Spotty boy - We will always love you and we miss you every day. The house is so quiet without you. Your chubby brothers are probably going to lose some weight - they don't "request" food at exactly 6:45 am, 3:40 pm, and 7:30 pm like you always did! I miss sleeping with you, "brother" misses being woken by you, and believe it or not, Beckham and Miles are getting along! You are helping them with that aren't you my good boy? Miles is trying to talk for you, he's not as good at it yet, but help him, okay? He is really trying. And please send Beckham a message that it will be okay, that you will see him again one day - He keeps looking for you still. He pulled all your old toys out of the basket. I don't know if this is in memory of you, or if it's directly to you, but I want to say it to you - I hope you and your big brother Digetts are having fun up there on the rainbow bridge, I know you missed him. Dad, "brother", "aunt", and "cousin" send their love too - until we meet again my sweet boy.....
Human Mom
Lisa JonesAiken, South CarolinaJanuary 27, 2017
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Dear Lisa Thank you for your kind words, it was a blessing to have you share your family, your two legged and four legged ones, with me and it does not surprise me that Spot is helping the boys from the Rainbow Bridge.Nancy Rodriguez - January 29, 2017

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