Jack Grant
7/9/2013Jack Grant was a special little schnauzer chihuahua. We "rescued" him from the streets of Dallas so we never knew how old he was....but we loved him for 15 years!

In his glory days he loved to sail and enjoyed being 9 lbs. of tough guard dog on camping trips.

His breath was terrible and in the end he had no teeth, but even so I will mis his "kisses!"
Suzanne GrantSt. Petersburg, FloridaJuly 9, 2013
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What a beautiful sweet Angel. You will meet again in paradise one day...! Jack will meet you at the Rainbow Bridge.Cheryl Wyatt - December 11, 2013
Thinking of you Suzanne and sending love your way! I know Jack is awaiting for your arrival at the Rainbow Bridge where you will receive his sweet kisses again! <3Dr. Dani McVety - July 10, 2013
Wait for me at the rainbow bridge buddy!Suzanne Grant - aka Mom - July 9, 2013

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