5/16/2013 - 7/3/2013Breeze was our first family pet, and I can't imagine a better fit. Gentle, kind, intelligent, fun-loving, and eager to please she was a fabulous companion for ten years. Her sweet spirit and loving nature made her adored by all who knew her, even those that aren't "dog people". We will miss her constant company, her nudging our arm when she needed attention, and her knack of knowing when food dropped on the floor. Although we will continue to miss her, we are blessed to have the wonderful memories of her happy life. Until we meet again, rest in peace Ms. Breeze.Debra DunnJacksonville, FloridaJuly 17, 2013
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Sorry for the loss, she was beautiful and such a sweet part of the family. She will be missed.Stu McAlpin - July 26, 2013
Hi Breeze, Thanks for all the joy you brought my family. You will be missed!!Joe Liuzzo - July 20, 2013
Breeze was such a sweet lil doggie. She'd always come up and want some loving. She was so well-behaved. I was always impressed with how quickly she'd follow commands. You say, "Sit" and she'd sit so fast. It would always make me laugh how she'd scout out the 'weakest link' as far as who's most likely to drop their food (ahem, Jack). I also loved her fun spirit. When she stayed with us one weekend, she thought the lake looked refreshing and before I knew it she had gotten in and was doggie-paddling halfway across. Even though she obviously was enjoying the swim, she immediately turned around when I called for her. I loved watching her and Carlie interact and play together too. Breeze was so special to all of us and we'll all miss her very much.Tania Liuzzo - July 19, 2013
From Ava: I used to like it when Breeze would curl up next to me when I would spend the night at Grandma's house. I liked when she would run up to me when I came to visit on Wednesdays. I loved how she would be our 'guard dog' when we'd play games in the room. I will always remember her and I miss her so much.

From Jack: I miss her especially because she was the only dog we got to see a lot after Carlie died. I liked when she used to play with us in the pool. I liked petting her. I'll miss you, Breeze.
Ava and Jack Liuzzo - July 19, 2013
Debra, I'm so sad for your loss. Know that Breeze is still with you and in the beautiful memories you have of her. ((HUGS))Dr. Alicia - July 18, 2013
Love you, Breezy!Jessica Dunn - July 17, 2013

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