4/18/2013 - 2/2/2018Time is a precious commodity like water. You never truly, appreciate how precious it is, until you don't have any left. You never think you'll run out of cat hair either, until it occurs to you that the production run just ended, just like that.
Shadow, me, momma, and Oreo already miss you terribly. It hasn't been 24 hrs. If we had one wish now it would be for more time with you. You were the light of my world, Baby Girl, and now I am a blind man.
Mark KilczewskiSalem, MassachusettsFebruary 3, 2018
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I don't know you or Shadow but I put my baby Tessie to sleep last night and just today had the same realization about the hair. It used to be so hard to control, I vacuumed all the time, but now I never want to vacuum again. Healing thoughts are with you.Samantha Bernis - February 8, 2018
It was my honor to serve your wonderful family; Shadow was such a blessed girl to have found her way into your hearts. Thank you for loving her so perfectly. She will never be far from you in spirit 💗. Rest well, sweet Shadow.Sally Lynch - February 5, 2018
See you around, Baby Girl.Mark Kilczewski - February 4, 2018

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