9/22/2013I met Addie when I was dating her daddy.i had a shih tzu and she had been "top dog" in my house,even over her 2 kitty pals,Simba and Emmy. When we introduced Frannie ,shih tzu to Addie, schnauzrer, it was a kinship meant to be. They were always together, travelled w us each in their own doggie car seat. Addie was dominant dog and had Frannie "under her wing" providing "correction when necessary. Frannie and Addie were together for a mere 5 years but I know there is a big hole in frannies heart right now. Addie was always the "lady " w a little lady strut. When one spoke to Addie she would hold up one paw. Don does not know where she learned that. I miss her doggy presence and have good memories of her commitment to her people,always coming when called, enduring her ear cleaning w frequent infections , and her acceptance and love of her Frannie dog. But now no more struggles, but her unconditional love prompted us to return it back when it was time for her to be at peace. Your Addie lady behavior lives on in our home. You will remain my "sweet little old lady"Rose MartinAiken, South CarolinaSeptember 25, 2013
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You were one special puppy. You had loving friends in Frannie, Simba, and Emmy. A family who cared more than anything for you. It's hard to believe and accept that you are no longer around. You will missed and remembered for the bright light you brought to your home every day with your presence.
Daniel O'Brien - September 27, 2013

It was nice having you around as you were not rambuctious you were a perfect companion and yes, a lady. I know mom and Don and Frannie will miss you very much. Thank you for being a good dog.
Lisa Davis - September 25, 2013

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