Aurora "Amber-kitty
4/14/1994 - 10/4/2013Aurora "Amber-kitty" was peacefully put to rest last night. It was her time...she was more than ready to go (after nearly 20 years of companionship). We are profoundly grateful to Katie Billmaier, DVM for her tenderness, compassion, and flawless performance. She opened heaven's door and was kitty's Angel of Mercy. People say putting a pet to rest is one of the hardest decisions to make. For me it was easy, knowing I could end her suffering and release her with love. My only regret is having not done it a day sooner (she went downhill fast). I'm so relieved knowing Amber is free, and I already feel her sweet purr in my ears and her nuzzles around my neck, with reports of how awesome it is in kitty heaven...sunshine, birds, trees, critters to chase, tall grass to pounce in. She is renewed. There is intense joy in the memories of good times and love shared with Amber. She lives forever in our hearts.Shawna Butson-BrodieMarietta, GA, GeorgiaOctober 5, 2013
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Amber sounds like such a special kitty, and what a wonderful story about how she chose you! How lucky you both were to have each other for almost 20 years.Glen Harris - October 13, 2013
Amber-kitty you were such a sweet kitty... rest peacefully sweet angelKatie Billmaier - October 6, 2013
I love you forever, my sweet Amber Kitty. I know you are happy in kitty heaven. Please check in on us from time to time!Shawna Butson-Brodie - October 5, 2013

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