2/15/2018My little Sophie came in as a stray and was with me for 18 years. She never bonded with any of my other cats but only bonded with me. I was her mom and really the only person who she would allow to pet her. I hope I see her in Heaven, along with my recently passed Sweetie Boy and my beloved Tommy, who passed in 2010.

I have only two pictures where Sophie hung out with my other cats. A rarity. This picture was taken just a few weeks before I lost her and Sweetie Boy. Coco, is the all black cat. She now stands alone. I will do my best to keep her company always when I am home. I have recently purchased a "Joy for All" companion robot kitty. I am hoping this little cat will be able to keep her company.
Jean Ricciutiquincy, MassachusettsMarch 28, 2018
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Dearest Sophie, you were your momma's girl from moment one, and you always will be. You ruled the roost, and enjoyed life to the fullest. I am sure that you and Sweetie Boy are together, watching over your mom, and sending her kitty-kisses from the clouds. Rest well, beautiful girl. Your light will always burn brightly in the hearts of those who loved you best.Sally Lynch - April 2, 2018

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