10/19/2013Tito you will be missed dearly and are such a huge part of our lives. You will remain In our hearts forever. May your sweet soul rest in heaven. I know the angels will carry you home. We love you forever. ♡Tamarac, FloridaOctober 19, 2013
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Tito, I never had the honor of meeting you, but your mom Sofanna has told me enough about you to make me love you. Your family will never stop missing you. They know you are looking down on them from a better place now. Soak up all the sun you can get and if you find him, tell my dog Kramer that I love him :)Amber Fitzpatrick - October 21, 2013
I miss you so much. I know you are in a better place now but I cant stop thinking about your little face. Everytime I see the rays of the sun I think of you. You are so special to me. I love you my little bear.Sofanna S. - October 21, 2013
Rest in peace tito. You were loved by everyone that knew you. We know you are in heavon now comfortable and at peace. You will be missed by all who had the chance to meet you. You were a big black fluffy friendly loving bear. Always and forever you will remain in our hearts ♥♥♥Fran Giammarino - October 20, 2013
Tito left a paw print on all of our hearts. He came to our family as a rescue but in the end he rescued all of us. He taught us all so much. He will be missed but I know he is finding comfort with his pal Kaylee. They are wagging their tails and looking down on us running like they were pups again.Rehanna Meyer - October 20, 2013
Sofanna S. - October 19, 2013
He will be running in fields of green with shinning sun. Milkbones will be falling from the sky & he will never feel any pain ever again. He's in better shape than you, dont be sad, know that he is with God & he is safe. Only waiting for you guys to be reunited :) this wont be the last time you see him, i promise. I love you guys & if u ever need anything please dont hesitate to call me xoxoDana G. - October 19, 2013
Tears well up in my eyes as I look at Tito, bathed in Light. He was so brave and in spite of his illness, still made the best of every day and was devoted to his family. What a blessing to be your first dog, what an example he has set. He had a secure home with you and trusted you entirely. Dear sweet soul, what joy and laughter you brought to your loved ones over the years. It all went by too quickly. You rest gently in Heaven where there is no pain or sorrow. That knowledge brings a measure of comfort for those you left behind. There is no distance that love cannot reach. You have left this earthly realm but your Spirit is never too far away. Friend, companion and devoted family member, you will always be in the hearts of those you loved and memories will live on. Nothing can erase the indelible mark you left while here. No goodbyes, only, until we meet again. With deep emotion, Dr. LauraLaura Allison - October 19, 2013

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