4/9/2004 - 10/23/2013I love you Gracie, oh yes I do, I love your soft grey fur, soft white fur too, I love your pink nose, I do, oh Gracie I love you!

Gracie, I miss you so much. You were such a sweet kitty, such a loving kitty, and such a funny kitty. You were always so athletic, and it broke my heart to see you lose the ability to do the things you loved. I hope you can run and jump high and hunt now.

You were beautiful and soft and comforting. You could be annoying, and I would give anything to be annoyed by you again! I will miss your loud purr and your little wet nose kisses. I will miss you in my windows. I will miss singing your special songs to you. I will miss everything about you.

Someday we will be together again. Till then, I hope you're with those who went before you, and that they are loving and caring for you. Your Grammie and Grandpa, M and Cassandra and Hillary, my friends and family and their animals, cats you knew before you knew me, people you knew that I didn't. They are lucky to have you with them!

I love you, Gracie, with all my heart, and you and I will never part! We've loved each other from the start! Oh Gracie, I love you!
Stephanie MachellSaugus, MassachusettsOctober 27, 2013
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Gracie, last week you welcomed August Linden to Rainbow Bridge. It helps me to know you are together again, wrestling and cuddling. I love and miss you both so very much. Till we meet again, take good care of each other. xopurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrStephanie Machell - May 3, 2020
Gracie, I still miss you. I haven't been to your page in so long but I think of you often and remember. August Linden goes to the spot you left from sometimes still and we still have your pillow and toys there. You'd be almost 15 now. How I wish you were still here with me, sweet girl.Stephanie Machell - March 24, 2019
I miss you Gracie, oh yes I do, and at the Rainbow Bridge I will see you, we'll be together it's true, oh Gracie I'll hold you!

A year ago today you left us. Tonight August Linden and Katie came to join me in the spot where I held you that last time, to remember you and hold your special toy and touch the fur clippings. I miss you so much and I will always love you, my sweet kitty girl.
Stephanie Machell - October 24, 2014
Gracie, you would have been 10 today. August Linden and I still miss you so much! We thank you for sending us Katie the Kitty to join our family. We love you and you will always be our special little girl!Stephanie Machell - April 9, 2014
Gracie, you sound like such a wonderful kitty and you were so lucky to have so large and loving a family. I read and enjoyed every word about you, it reminds me so much of how I felt and wrote about my Rudy who I lost 25 weeks ago today (he is memorial #331 here). If you meet him, give him some love for me.Glen Harris - November 17, 2013
Dear Gracie,

I had hoped you would be able to stay a little longer with your mom. And I know just how much she loved you, and now misses you

Our meetings were short, with long time gaps. But I thought of you, and prayed for you, your health and anything else you might want.

And, I know there will be a lot of animals, and some humans, who will connect with you now, and show you how wonderful heaven is. There will be wonderful, awesomely majestic, delightful trees to clime. There will be other cats (perhaps a dog or 2?) or maybe some other kind of critter, that will enjoy meeting you and giving you the best time up there. I'm glad I got to meet you, and I will think of you and smile, knowing you are having a grand time.
Barrie Jaeger - November 15, 2013
Sweet Gracie, I wish I'd had the opportunity to meet you! Thanks for being Stephanie's friend. I hope my cats Cowgirl, Daisy, and Stringbean (aka Da Bean) are having fun with you!Libby Cone - November 7, 2013
Though I never met Gracie I heard a lot about her and know that she was loved very much and will be missed dearly.
She looks like such an adorable kitty!
Steve Jones - November 6, 2013
Kerry + Tom Blossfeld - November 1, 2013
What a special bond you had with your Gracie...I am glad you were able to share your lives for the time that you did. She was a sweet girl.David Rousseau - October 30, 2013
I will miss seeing Gracie when I visit...Geoffrey Magee - October 30, 2013
Gracie you were such a great kitty . We will all miss you.
Love Auntie Nancy, furless cousins Megan and Jack
Nancy Machell - October 29, 2013
Gracie, we miss you so much. We know you have your grrrr back, though. You have been a good friend and playmate, sweet Grrrrrracie.

Love and purrrrrrrrrs,

Reine, Ken Doll, Buflo & La Sheesh
Reine Carter - October 28, 2013
Jeanette Brady - October 28, 2013

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