12/4/2004 - 10/27/2013From the second I saw him, I knew Skippy was my Baby! He was my best friend and the love of my life. Every day I couldn’t wait to get home, open the front door and see his little pink nose peek around the corner of the door to greet me. He was always there for me and the only thing he wanted in life (besides food of course) was to sit in my lap and keep me company. It broke my heart when I found out he had cancer and there was nothing I could do for him. After everything he had done for me, I felt helpless. It devastated me to watch my Skippy deteriorate so quickly. I just wish I got more time with him; one more cuddle session with him; one more hug. I am going to miss my Baby terribly. He was there for me through some of the most difficult years of my life and he loved me unconditionally through it all. I couldn’t have prayed for a more amazing friend, companion and cat. He was my Baby and I will forever love him with all my heart.

Goodbye Skippy. I love you!
Jen MoroneyDoylestown, PennsylvaniaOctober 30, 2013
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It's been one year since I've had to say goodbye to you and there isn't a day that goes by that I don't miss you. I miss your checks, your hello's, your cuddles and I just miss you. You were such an amazing little guy and I love you so much. You are my baby and will forever be in my heart. Love you SkippyJen Moroney - October 27, 2014
I'm touched by Skippy's story; not least because my Rudy who also died of cancer (he is memorial #331 here) was white with a cute pink nose and a tabby spot bisecting his right eye. I count on one hand the times he lay in my lap, so Skippy's story sounds like a wonderful might-have-been that makes me smile. I know the helpless feeling, but I think now that we weren't entirely helpless; after giving everything we could, at the end we were still able to give them the most difficult gift of all that they needed most. I am so sorry for your loss, and I hope Skippy visits you often in your dreams as he waits for you.Glen Harris - November 21, 2013
A wonderful boy, a wonderful love. And so handsome! Your Auntie names you well when she calls you Big Cheeked Man. I adore the photo of you winking as you nibble on your extended toe, I feel your chuckle as I wish myself so limber. You are missed, Skippy, and you know already how abundantly and endlessly loved you are.Dr. Vanessa Olenick - November 5, 2013
Rest in comfort our big cheecked man. You will always be a part of our family. Thank you for being such a good boy to your mommy and for being her soul mate. We love you and will miss you.Kelly Moroney (Auntie) - November 1, 2013
I miss you so much SkippyJen Moroney - October 31, 2013

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