Quigley And Tucker
10/28/2013Two of the best "Heintz 57's" ever created. Born in Brandon Fl and Charleston WV....they were truly "our boys". They lived the good life.....happiest in the car or the RV "on the road". Quigley loved the boat, Tucker hated the water! We LOVED them with all of our hearts. I hope there are geckos to chase in heaven. May the road rise to meet you both, til we meet again.Mary TClearwater, FloridaOctober 31, 2013
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Even today, Nov. 11, it's hard to not tear up at the site Mr. 'Suitcase Chocolate Man' Tuckie and Mr. 'Long Legs' Qeeggy. My thoughts had been that they would be here with Tony and Mary D a bunch more years. With once-a-year visits, time flies very fast. I wasn't ready. I'll continue to think of their sweet and fuzzy faces and antics -- especially them taking charge of, de-squeeking and banging their new Christmas animals on the floor each year that I would see them. We will all miss these two very special members of God's Creatures but will think about them scampering and darting around up above. Mary D and Tony, God bless you for being such wonderful caregivers to all of your doggies -- Love, Mary M.Mary Frey - November 11, 2013
The love and devotion that you both showed to Quigley and Tucker throughout their time on earth - but especially during the past months has been amazing. They lived a wonderful life in a home full of love. You were all blessed to have each other! Stay strong and know you did the right thing - at the right time.Joyce Penrod - November 1, 2013
What sweetnesses!! GREAT faces...just want to kiss them.Mona and Linda RWMorin Associates - November 1, 2013
I can't stop crying. I'm so sad. I loved those two babies so much. They were family. Quigley with his "grumpy" face, but couldn't wait to get you to play and pay attention to him, and Tucker was just a big hug who loved his candy. My heart is broken for you both--but they are in Heaven eating lots of treats, playing with Madge and hanging out with Toby, Quincy, Tyler, Michael...and all the other loves of your life...all watching down on you both.Tricia Blasko - November 1, 2013
My heartfelt condolences on the loss of your boys Quigley and Tucker. I only knew them vicariously, but enough to know that they were two lucky pups to have adopted you two!! I couldn't imagine two pooches who would have such a charmed life as these, except for their 'brothers' at home who will help you through this passing. Quigley and Tucker would say: "Woof, woof (well done!)"m. a. zimmerman - November 1, 2013

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