3/1/2003 - 11/1/2013I was very fortunate to have Dr. Brad come to my home with just 3 hours notice. Pinky started to decline very quickly, although she had been doctoring for months. I did not know that this service even existed. When I called my Vet, they mentioned Dr. Brad. I filled out the application on line with my dog beside me, wrapped up in her electric blanket. The application went right to his phone. I thought that perhaps we could wait until the next day, as Pinky was not exhibiting any really bad symptoms. But he heard her whimper and said, No, I will be there tonight. And he was right. I am still processing the entire event. I would not recommend waiting until the last minute like I did, but truthfully, I planned to keep Pink at home until the end, just did not know that this service existed. It was my Vet who suggested this amazing service. I was extremely fortunate and so was Pink.Miriam ledwithFort Washington,, PennsylvaniaNovember 1, 2013
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Continue to watch from that Rainbow Bridge. Your family loves you still, I'm sure.cheryl brandt - December 12, 2013
You will always be loved, and never forgotten, sweet Pinky. May you continue to watch over your beloved family.Brad Bates - December 6, 2013
Such a beautiful gentle giant!Yelena Murphy - November 13, 2013
I just lost my beloved Stormy Rayne, best cat on the planet. And just wanted to light a candle for you.Sarah Hand - November 6, 2013

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