6/9/2004 - 11/2/2013Gus was a most special part of my life. Truly, he was the sweetest, gentle giant I have ever known. I'll miss him forever.Jim RestelBrandon, FloridaNovember 4, 2013
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Using that big old paw of his to get you to rub his belly.Dave Hall - November 6, 2013
Erin and Jim,
So sorry for your loss. I still have dreams about my favorite pet who died 25 years ago. Gus will always be in your heart. He was a lucky pup to have such great owners who loved him so much!
Corrine Casanova - November 5, 2013
When Gus came to visit, he woul walk into our house like he owned it. His favorite place to stretch out was the floor between the kitchen and great room. Thus he got his nick name, "Speed Bump". He wouldn't move, you had to maneuver around his considerable girth. I was also a target for his petting wants. He would come and put his head on my lap, no matter what I was doing, and wait for the petting to begin. If it wasn't soon enough or stopped before he was ready, I got a paw swat. I will miss him - he was so special.Nita Restel - November 5, 2013
Gus was a devoted companion with me through thick and thin for over 8 years of his 9 years, always happy to greet me at the door. By my side, quiet and content while I was knitting. A comfort if I was feeling sad. A most special dog--I have a hole in my heart--but it is filled with memories and pictures.Marianne Restel - November 4, 2013
I only met Gus for the short time that I visited but he was a great dog. I will always remember the way he announced dinner time and how he would put his paw on you if you had stopped petting him (unimaginable in his opinion) :).Jessica Abrams - November 4, 2013
Gus was my step-dog in many ways but he loved me like he had known me his whole life. He loved it when would sit on the couch so he could sit next to me and give him hugs and pets...if he didnt get the attention he wanted he would just bat at my arm until I pet him again. I also remember the hole he would stare into the fridge if he didnt get his slice of cheese in the morning. He loved being around his people and was rarely far from Jim's side or my side when we were home. Even towards the end when it was just he and I, the only way he was comfortable was with his head in my lap getting his pets. Such a good and faithful dog who loved everyone he met...I miss you Gus boy.Erin Restel - November 4, 2013
Gus was a sweetheart through and through. I loved hearing all the stories you shared with me, especially his love of food.. Any lab owner would appreciate that! From one lab lover to another, my heart aches for your loss. Give Ashley lots of love and hugs and kisses, as I know she misses her brother. Rest in peace, sweet Gus. You will be missed by so many.Dr. Katie Stender - November 4, 2013
Gus was a special member of our family and will be missed very much.Kris Restel - November 4, 2013
Sorry to hear about Gus. He was a sweetie! I'll miss his deep "WOOF!" and his gigantic paws. May he be at peace in doggie heaven.

Love, Aunt Lynn
Lynn Restel - November 4, 2013

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