4/10/2000 - 11/23/2013I got Sasha when she was about six years old, when I was living in a house with three other guys in Boston. I brought her down to North Carolina in '08. In 2010, she was joined by her little 'sister' Phoenix, the black cat in some of the pictures. They mostly got along, at least as well as possible. As I'm sure many pet owners know, Sasha and Phoenix are a huge part of my life, and the apartment will never be quite the same; it's as if we took down one of the walls. It means a lot to me, too, that she was able to die at home, thanks to Dr Dana Lewis and Lap of Love.
Jonas FeitDurham, North CarolinaNovember 24, 2013
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I am so sorry for the loss of your sweet Sacha. She had a good life, and brought joy to many. You took such good care of her, and she did the same for you,and that's something you will always remember. She will live on in our hearts.Susan Knapp - November 26, 2013

As always you did the right thing. She is in a place where the sun is always bright and warm and the grass is always green and cool. She and Whiskers will find you in the next life.


Richard Knapp - November 25, 2013

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