Mary Katherine Gallagher
10/5/2007 - 8/26/2018Aka. Gallie
The day that would forever change our world, August 13th my husband was greeting Gallie in the morning, and he felt something that just wasn't right. I could tell by the tone of his voice this was serious, and I went upstairs to see what was wrong. Our local vet told us the news, our beloved Gallie was terminally ill with breast cancer We prayed and prayed, I begged for a miracle, to save our sweet loving, innocent and gentle Gallie girl. We knew what we had to do, we did not want our sweet girl to suffer. Our hearts are broken, and we were especially heart broken for Sallie O'Malley. Sallie has always been the alpha, but is extremely sensitive, and tries to hide it. In Gallie's last days, we did everything possible to make her comfortable, giving the girls Tuna meals, and bringing Gallie plastic for her to lick, that was one of her favorite past times. We will always remember Gallie licking all the bows under the Christmas tree, and Sallie looking over at Gallie with a "Oh please" look. Gallie taught us the true meaning of all that is important in this world, we will be forever grateful that we were a part of her short life, and we will do everything possible to love our Sallie O'Malley as we grieve together and celebrate her beautiful spirit, our heavenly cat angel.
Darla KilroySALEM, MassachusettsSeptember 4, 2018
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Miss her so much, Gallie watch over your sister Sallie, she needs helpDarla Kilroy - December 26, 2019

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