3/5/1996 - 11/5/2013He was the most Noble,the most gracious,of Dogs.I could not find the words to express the Moxie he had.Then I let him guide my hand as I wrote,not knowing what exactly he was telling me until I read it and realized he taught me more than I ever taught him:

-To my pack leader;

Hey Captain!
So you want to be free?
Follow me-
I'll show you the key;
every time.
I'll show you the way
To live every day.
In the now;
this is how-
Look in your hand and you'll find;
That the key tha' one misses
to follow their bliss is there in your hand all the time.
Just put it in;
give it a spin;
And the clouds will all turn...
To Sunshine.
Let's go,Buddy!
-Bubba"The Bubster" Shaffer-

I'll be there with ya in a minute,Buddy.
John ShafferZephyrhills, FloridaNovember 30, 2013
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We will always love you little one - say hi to Sammy for us !

See you at the rainbow bridge !
auntie pickle - January 13, 2014
Yes, Bubba, you were magnificent until the end, and you will remain so on your new journey at the Rainbow Bridge! You will be forever loved and dearly missed.Cheryl Wyatt - December 1, 2013
À bientôt meilleure amiJohn Shaffer - November 30, 2013

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