10/26/1998 - 12/15/2013You are such a wonderfully faithful friend. Thank you for spending your life with me, loving me, comforting me, and filling my days with such joy. Run free, sweet baby boy!Denise ParkerSaint Cloud, FloridaDecember 16, 2013
Light a Candle

My sweet Trevor Jake,
Not a day goes by that the thought of you doesn't enter my mind. I love you angel and miss you everyday. I throw the Frisbee and Shia catches it and each night she eats an honorary Trevie snack and says her prayers. I continue to look for you in the eternal sign of our eternal connection. I love you so much buddy.
Denise Parker - September 5, 2015
I love you my baby boy. I know that you are in heaven running free. Thank you for making your presence known on that day when I asked God to show me a sign. You will always be a shooink star. I knew in that moment that you were beside me as if you had never left. I had a dream about you shortly thereafter. I know in my heart that you will never leave and I have peace that your soul still knows my soul and that we will forever be tied together.

I miss you and love you with all my heart and soul. Thank you for bringing so much joy and comfort to me life and for your gentle spirit.
Denise Parker - January 11, 2015
Thank you for bringing my daughter so much love and joy. You are missed a lot.grandma parker - January 21, 2014
Trevor was not only faithful in his attention and protection for his master, he was a comfort and faith loving companion. As a father I slept peacefully knowing knowing Trevor was on watch.Randy Parker - January 20, 2014
It is hard to believe that you have been gone for more than a month now. I think about you each and every day and miss you with all my heart. I try to think about the good times we shared, but sometimes, I just cry because you are so missed. Shia misses her 'buddy' as well, and the house is much quieter without you in it.

I just want you to know that you will never be forgotten. I miss your happy face, your cold nose, and the special spirit that is you. I look for you in the stars each night and think of you when I see a shooting star. Each time I play frisbee with Shia, she catches one for you! I love you baby boy and know that you are in Heaven keeping watch! All my love, sweet boy!
Denise Parker - January 20, 2014
Today, I light a candle for you angel boy. It is hard to believe that I received you 15 years ago at this time of the year. You are the best gift I ever received. I look for you in the stars each night before I go to bed. The house isn't the same without you, and Shia misses her buddy very much. Each day when I see you picture, I smile, but I also cry because you are so beautiful. I love you very much baby boy, with all my heart and soul. Merry Christmasmy angel in Heaven!Denise Parker - December 25, 2013
It was an honor to meet Trevor, much more than a beautiful dog. I feel blessed to have been there with him.Annie Dion-Byrd - December 18, 2013
The candle in my heart will never be extinguished. All my love, Mommy.Denise Parker - December 17, 2013

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