10/8/2001 - 12/21/2013Since the time when Titus was a puppy he was infatuated with a moving light, like a flashlight or the glare off a watch. His greatest joy was trying to "catch" the light. He would chase it, paw at it, and try to bite it. I would frequently joke that when Titus got to heaven he would finally catch the light.

Any household chore that involved a flashlight ensured that Titus would be by my side trying to catch the light following it wherever it went. We would play with him with a flashlight; he'd run to where it was and scratch at the spot, only to have it move again. But as much as he tried he was never able to catch it. As the years went by Titus got slower, and slower, but getting the flashlight from the closet always elicited an enthusiastic response. He would pop up and chase the light where ever I shined it.

One day recently I got the flashlight out of the closet, and Titus perked up, and watched me, but stayed lying on his bed. The recent snow and ice was pretty tough on him. Dogs can communicate things, especially when you've been their companion for 12 years. Sadly, it was time to say good bye.

Today Titus caught the light. I hope it was fun.
Todd MattersRoyersford, PennsylvaniaDecember 22, 2013
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A gorgeous boy, a wonderful soul. Revel in the light!Dr. Vanessa Olenick - December 25, 2013
Ty Ty was a true gentle giant! And even as big as he was- his personality was bigger! You and your gentle spirit. Your comforting ways with Lauren. You were one special dog! We will miss him so much until we see him again in heaven. We love you Titus!Erin Milgram - December 25, 2013
Ty Ty my days and nights with be filled of memories of you laying on the floor howling with your daddy. You will forever be in my heart big guy. Love Aunt DawnieDawn Steelman - December 23, 2013

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