7/1/2002 - 11/14/2018My sweet Sydney,

I could never have imagined how much happier and whole my life would become when you came into my life in that parking lot all those years ago. You have been my child, my family, my teammate, my friend, my greatest love for the past 15 years. My life will never be the same without your presence. And I could have never imagined or asked for a more peaceful way for you to leave this earth. I love you always forever and ever. I pray that we will see each other again one day. Be at peace, healthy, whole, and happy.

We thank you, Dr. Sally, for making our last days and moments together so beautiful. Lap of Love was the greatest gift we could have ever received. Thank you so much.
Susan HilburnArlington, MassachusettsNovember 16, 2018
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Precious Sydney - Although we never met I knew you. I knew of your loyalty and love, your perseverance and spirit,
Most importantly, I knew of the unconditional love you shared with your Mistress. The bond you shared with her
Was one of unselfish love and devotion. We will forever be grateful for your sweet, loving heart and constant companionship. Enjoy your frolic in the green grasses beneath the Rainbow Bridge. Say hello to those waiting there for the rest of us. Be at peace knowing you didn’t fail your owner in any way. You remain forever in our heart.
With love and remembrance,
Becky Grimsley
Becky Grimsley - November 16, 2018
To our precious Sydney - How grateful we are for the years of love and joy that you have brought to our lives. From the first moment we met you our life on this earth has been enhanced and blessed by your presence. We have many wonderful memories of you, sweet boy, and you will be greatly missed and never forgotten. One day we'll meet again but in the meantime, enjoy your warmest sunbeam and your new life of vitality, peace and contentment. Love and perfect peace, sweet Syd.Joyce Hilburn - November 16, 2018

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