8/20/2004 - 12/23/2013Ginseng, we will miss you. You were my little fuzzy boy. I'm so sorry you had to go so soon, we should have had many more years together. I will miss you curling up next to us on the couch, and waking me up to announce Breakfast Time. There will never be another one as sweet and good natured as you. I'm glad you are no longer in pain, and that you can rest. Goodbye my little boy.Brian SpeerlyMadisonville, LouisianaDecember 23, 2013
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My sweet boy. I sit here in tears marking the one year anniversary of your death at the young age of nine. I miss you so much. I would do anything to have you back. Christmas is really hard this year. After you passed my mom passed on 2/28/2014, so much grief in such a short time. You were truly special. I am confident you knew you were loved. I am so sorry fate dealt you a bad hand. No amount of money would have been too much to keep you alive but you were simply too sick. I am so sorry. I hope you knew you were loved. I miss you. We rescued a new chocolate point, Cocoa Puff (Carter named her) . She was destined for the rainbow bridge in a horrible kill shelter, we saved her. She is a sweetie, so much like you. We promised to love her forever. I love you my Ginseng. Thinking of you, your mama, Ggina (mommy) speerly - December 24, 2014
Hi, Fuzz. I still miss you very much. Hope you are up thre playing with all your friends that have crossed over the past year. We love you Mr. FuzzBrian Speerly - October 4, 2014
im sorry she looks beautiful, she'll make a nice paper weightlousie doogle - October 3, 2014
Gina, thank you for lighting a candle for my sweet Sophie. So sad that we lost Sophie and Ginseng on the same day and so close in age. It doesn't seem fair that they didn't have more time. We buried her xmas morning, what a bittersweet day. I miss her every second of every day-I know I will mourn her forever. I am just so grateful for the time we had. All we can do is hold them both close to our heart and try not to dwell on their final days, but rather our memories of them strong and healthy-because I would like to think that is the way they are now..up above doing all of their favorite things. Please keep Sophie in your prayers-I will do the same with Ginseng xxoosophie's family - January 8, 2014
Hi my Ginseng. I am still missing you so much. Jasmine and Ginger know you 're gone. We are giving them extra love. We have your ashes and locket of fuzz, you are home agAin. I miss petting you. It's lonely upstairs without my little boy who would come plop on my work and walk across the keyboard. I still can't believe you are gone. I love u my sweet baby. Rest in peace and watch over us. Mommygina speerly - January 3, 2014
Hi my Ginseng. Mommy wanted to say hello. Today is Christmas and it was hard getting through the day. I can't believe only a week ago you were playing under the tree batting an ornament. I can't believe while you were doing that your kidneys were failing and a horrible tumor was growing in your bladder. We would have done anything to make you better but you were so sick. For the past two days I have been crying. I want to see you come walking out and snuggle with us. We should be getting you back this week and you will be next to beloved BooBoo along with your crystal bowl, a locket of fuzz, your paw print on clay that Dr Ledet made for us and a whisker we found. You never had a chance for a long life, you were only eight. Too young. I have comfort in knowing you felt our love and we gained your trust. I love you. Mommygina speerly - December 26, 2013

Auntie Sue and Papa Mike will miss you very much. Tell your cousins, Jake, Nyah and Sly hello and give them a kiss.


Auntie Sue and Pap Mike
Sue Major - December 24, 2013
Ginseng, you were my little boy. I'll never forget when I first saw you! I adopted you then told daddy, but he didn't mind. I knew and you knew you found your forever home. I just never thought you would go over the bridge so young. You got sick so suddenly. I'll never forget snuggling with you for the last time. You grew so sweet in the last year. You were my companion upstairs while I worked. You always stole daddy's spot on the couch when he got up. You saved us from the vicious blankets after you had your cat nip! You loved looking at the froggies outside on the Windows. You loved turkey. You loved your human brother CArter. I can't stop crying today. It was so unfair how you left us. We will love you always. I will have comfort when you are home again. I love you Ginseng, my little fuzzy pants!! Love, mommygina speerly - December 24, 2013

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