1/1/2000 - 12/20/2013Goodnight, sweet prince.We’ll miss you every time the doorbell rings. Your loud, ferocious bark drove salesmen away and made other visitors get to the point quickly. But once they entered the house, you greeted them affectionately. Born 13 years ago with four legs, our daughter named you LaTrois, not knowing that meant three. After being injured by a car and surviving several surgeries, you lived up to your name. Nobody guessed you had only three legs. You raced through the yard elegantly and without a limp. When you ran away, you sat on a corner and waited for us to pick you up in our car. Your tail never stopped wagging until you became ill. Even then, you were brave. You loved us despite our human failings..Karen CunninghamClearwater, FloridaDecember 23, 2013
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What a beautiful, brave boy. He was an example of what we should aspire to do with our limitations as human beings. God Bless you sweet Latrois. Clearly, you will be dearly missed. The love your family had for you will never die, and you will meet again at the Rainbow Bridge.Cheryl Wyatt - January 1, 2014
A special fellow all the years we knew you. Everyone loved you and your beautiful brown eyes. You were always a good boy.
Mary Ann and Bob
Mary Ann and Bob Young - December 28, 2013

You were an awesome dog. So sweet and loving. Even when you were suffering you still tried to be happy so we would be happy. You were loved by all of us and will be truly missed! Fly with the angels!
Rebecca Cunningham - December 25, 2013
I didn't know LaTrois at all, hardly but I always felt welcome in his presence. I know that it's hard to lose such a beloved family member so my sympathies go out to his family, especially Lauren, John and Karen.Dan Cunningham - December 24, 2013
I remember the first night I got you, and you ran like a lunatic through my back yard. I was terrified. Then that night I gave you a bath and you fell asleep on my shoulder and it was love. And you never stopped making me laugh. When I tried to hide you from
My landlord and you stood on my AC and watched us walk by, I nearly choked laughing. And the time you stole the sandwich out of that horrible kid's hand....I knew you were mine. We were two of a kind in our moment. You were the most elegant 3 legged dance partner, and our dances were really something to right home about. Also, our Saturday morning cheeseburger runs were incredible. You always knew what you wanted. I missed you every day and now I'll never get to dance with you again. May there be nothing but cheeseburgers and dance parties waiting for you, and may we meet again on the other side of the bridge.
Lauren Cunningham - December 24, 2013
Sleep in heavenly peace Latrois. You were such a good dog full of soul and love. You will be missed.
Lots of love and kisses
Kathy Jorgensen - December 24, 2013
LaTrois you were such a good boy, we adored staying with you. You were there when Matt proposed and you wagged your tail and ran around smiling when I said yes. You always welcomed Buddy into your home and always shared your treats. You will always be loved and missed sweet sweet boy.Amy Nauman - December 24, 2013
Having lost a hind leg , La Trois showed us all how to live life actively and joyfully. Squirrels knew not to come around the yard when he was out. He loved any company , but put out a loud bark until the door was opened. He loved a ride in the car and all meals and snacks. He was hardly ever sick until his cancer developed. He was a handsome guy with his tuxedo and white coloring , but he was unassuming and just liked being in the room with us. We loved the boy and we know his spirit lives.John Cunningham - December 24, 2013
He was an amazing dog with an amazing personality. I will always have him in my prayers and he will be missed greatly! I loved him dearly and he will always have a special place in my heart.Tori Cunningham - December 24, 2013

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