Little Ann "Annie"
1/4/2000 - 12/9/2013It's been 14 years but it seems like a week
You were rescued back then while wandering the street
and my co-worker brought you in so we could meet
He said, you have a house and you need a dog too!
After some contemplation I decided it was true
I took you home and named you Little Ann
There wasn't room for two, so no Big Dan
You would sleep on the sofa and even the bed
You would play with your monkey and try to take off his head
You wouldn't play fetch when I would throw you a ball
You did fetch it once but in the end that was all
Which proved how smart you were, maybe smarter than me
If I wanted the ball, why throw it you see
We had lots of fun, you and my friends
There was always someone around to handle loose ends
I finally got married and you welcomed them all
We had a new family and it's been a ball
Well time has caught up and as all great friendships do
There comes a time when they unfortunately are through
You loved me unconditionally from day one to the end
That is why you will always be my best friend
Although a part of my heart and soul are with you
You will always be with me until I am through
I love you Little Ann and will ALWAYS miss you
Scott FreshwaterBaton Rouge, LouisianaDecember 28, 2013
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I'm so lucky that I had the chance to meet Annie, even for just a short while. The bond that you had with her was truly amazing. Rest peacefully, Annie.Dr. Sarah Cothron - January 7, 2014

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