Toby-wan Kenobi
5/7/2009 - 11/29/2018Toby-wan was the biggest sweetheart and so incredibly loving. Within a couple days of picking up Toby-wan from the rescue organization, he and I were bonded and I became 'his person' - no matter how much love he'd show to others or that others wanted to show him, I was the one person he always followed or wanted to be held by. His favorite place was in my arms.

Toby-wan was also the biggest fighter. FIrst through surgery to treat his cataracts that he had when I first got him, then through the radiation therapy to treat a peripheral nerve sheath tumor we found this past summer. He fought for as long as he could before he got his angel wings.

We will miss you so much Toby-wan, thank you so much for demonstrating to me what it truly feels like to be loved so genuinely and unconditionally.
Marie NguyenSomerville, MassachusettsNovember 30, 2018
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Ashley and I were fortunate enough to have Tobington aka Tobeth come to our home once during last years Bruins season. He was an instrumental and driving force in allowing the Bs to perform well last year! He was such a cute and well behaved pup who simply loved love. He was ridiculously adorable in his puppy jersey. I am so happy I got to meet the little guy. May he rest in peace and be a guiding light for you both. So sorry for your loss, but a true testament to Marie and Al's character for giving him the chance to lead a wonderful life.


Cant wait to see you both.
Daniel Colon - December 3, 2018
Toby... you were quite the charm when we first got to meet you.
Always playful, obedient, but most importantly full of spirit.
So lucky we got to meet you before you’ve gained your angel wings.
You are forever loved and never forgotten.
Tina Pham - December 3, 2018
Toby-wan was such a sweetheart! A total mama's-boy, but the only thing that showed was his incredible taste in chosing a person to live with! He was 100% adorable and he knew it! He will be missed terribly!Jesse Gorton - December 2, 2018
Toby-wan will always be remembered, it is with a heavy heart to lose someone so loyal and loving. I will surely treasure all the fun moments I had with Toby. He will never be forgotten and I am so happy he spent his last few years with this family and with such a wonderful, caring and loving sister.

My prayers are with you my friend, you will be missed but will always live forever in our memories.
Tom Nguyen - December 2, 2018
The dog with the greatest smile!
We always loved having Tobi-wan for a visit.
He will be missed.

White, fluffy, puppy
Exploring, nose to the ground
Happy, always smiling!

Friendly, loyal, dog pup
Lovin’ up his person mom,
Resting peacefully.
Babci Saniuk - December 2, 2018
Loved having you explore my yard.
You almost chased a ball, once,
you put Dozer in his place, once.
Dziadek Saniuk - December 2, 2018

I'm so sorry to hear this news about Toby or Tibet as I'd refer to him the few times I got to meet him. He was such a friendly dog and one of my favorites I've had the pleasure of meeting. He'll certainly live on throughout all the good times you got to have with him. Sending all my best your way,
Dan Cwiekowski - December 1, 2018
There is no love quite like that of the unconditional one our furry friends provide us. While we desperately try to live with our whole hearts and minds they naturally do just that. No words can express the hole they leave in our hearts upon their departure, but one thing can be said with absolute certainty: they will be missed. My prayers for your heart and his will flood the heavens as we transition through this loss.John Saniuk - December 1, 2018
We'll miss that little bouncy ball of fluff. I know that he's up in heaven running on all 4 paws and barking at all the other doggos right now. Dog speed, Mr. Toby-wan Kenobi. I love you.Al Saniuk - December 1, 2018

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