12/14/2001 - 12/27/2013Thanks Cupcake for being an awesome little girl and funny to play with i will never forget your beautiful purrrr and the way u like playing with the newspaper every time i would read it. I will cherish the days you and your brother would lay on mommy when i was sick. I will love u always . I hope you are with tigger playing and hug each other. xoxoxoxo.Renee johnsonfairless hills, PennsylvaniaDecember 30, 2013
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Thanks for being such a great cat for your beloved mother, Cupcake.
What an amazing bond, a bond that will last forever.

Rest in peace, sweet Cupcake.
Brad Bates - January 3, 2014
Cupcake was a beautiful cat and a loving pet to you Renee'. You did a great job in taking care of her. You definitely have a way with cats. Love and kisses to you as well.Cathy Barlow - January 1, 2014

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