Peenut Russo-seeley
2/1/1998 - 11/25/2013On Monday November 25th at 12:41 pm I lost my Peenut, spelled with 2 E's , to cancer. She meant everything 2 me. She was my CONSTANT COMPANION & could always make me, & everyone who knew her, laugh!!! She had friends, people friends, who often went out of their way 4 her! Her auntie Brenda was at the top of that list. She was her other mother! Her friends, u know who u r, would come JUST 2 take her " bye bye in the car " or climb the 3 flights of stairs just 2 see her! She had my back 2, she'd stay up all night, back in the day, & bark 2 wake me up when I was " walking in my sleep " .!!! She saved me from MANY lumps & bumps lol !!! I am thankful 4 the 15 yrs 8 months & 7 days, give or take, that I was lucky enough 2 have her !!!I It was a privilege a joy & always a sense of security & ALWAYS a TON of laughs having her in my life!!! I will miss my " Momma Girl " with every breath I take !!!

Good Night my sweet Peenut Mommy Loves You OXOXOX
Donna RussoSomerville, MassachusettsDecember 30, 2013
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Peenut was one lucky dog to have such a loving mom for all those days and weeks and months and years! You gave her a wonderful life, and she repaid you in kind.David Rousseau - January 3, 2014
Such a sweetheart, they all have our hearts........Rest in peace Peenut.Debbie G - January 1, 2014

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