11/3/2004 - 3/23/2019Lola Bear, Mommy and Daddy are going to miss you so much. The house feels empty and incomplete without you here. You gave us 14 amazing years, but it wasn't long enough. We will always treasure the memories we have together. We will remember playing Hide and Seek, your games of "lazy fetch", hearing you snoring at night, and your sweet smile. Life won't be the same without you here.Heather LandMilwaukee, WisconsinMarch 24, 2019
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Rainbow bridge just gained a 1 of a kind! Run free Lola. See you on the other sideAngie Carothers - March 29, 2019
Have fun with Spike til we meet.againTom Peacock - March 26, 2019
Sweet little Lola, you will live on forever in the hearts of Mommy and Daddy. Happy travels over the rainbow bridge. I'm sure you'll look over Mom and Dad until you are united again. You are loved and will be missed Lola ❤Jodie Evans - March 26, 2019
Heather is my FB friend and Lola was her baby. I love all the pictures that have been posted of the 3 of you. I do know that she was so loved and thats what every dog deserves. I just wish they could live alot longer..Jan Bangrt - March 26, 2019
You were the best little granddog, Lola. And you even lived with us for a while with Spike. You would steal Spike's food when he wasn't looking. And he would get twitter-pated like Bambi when you visited. His curly tail would wag as he looked in your beautiful big eyes. He will have been at Rainbow Bridge waiting for you for three years this Easter. I can see you both running through the grass with your tails wagging and free of pain. I will miss your visits to grandma's house. And I will miss getting a discussion from your mommy and daddy for giving you too many treats. I know it is going to feel empty at your mommy and daddy's house. But we are all happy you are no longer in pain. You both will forever remain in our hearts.Roxe Anne Peacock - March 26, 2019
Run free sweet Lola over the Rainbow Bridge
Some day you will be back together with the ones by whom you are so missed
Marian Radius - March 25, 2019
Run free sweet Lola over the Rainbow Bridge
Some day you will be back together with the ones by whom you are so missed
Marian Radius - March 25, 2019
I sure will miss you Lola. You had the best "sad puppy dog eyes" that always got you an extra chip or treat. You were one of the best dogs that has ever been. I hope you and Spike are having fun playing together again ❤Saeah Peacock - March 25, 2019
I am so sorry to hear about the loss of Lola. It is so hard losing a family member. My condolences to you and your family.
Kristi Kollman - March 25, 2019
Oh Lola, You were such a sweet and lovable pupper who always wanted attention. Anyone who stopped petting you got the ol' "Don't stop paw and puppy dog eyes". You liked to party and loved your BEER! haha. Plus every now and then over the years I knew you, you'd sometimes cuddle up to get pet and fall asleep with your head in my lap. We took a few selfies and of course I took just random pics of you and your snaggle tooth cuteness. I'll miss you Lola, you might not have been my doggo, but I sure did love you.Jessica Trimble - March 25, 2019
We love you lola bear. You loved to beg for food and were a great snuggler!Heidi Pontenberg - March 25, 2019

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