2/4/2002 - 3/25/2019Mikko, aka Mr. Chubs, was a sweet and special boy. We adopted him and his sister as kittens, and Mikko decided early on that I was his special person. He would sleep on my pillow right above my head and if I didn't remember to leave him space, would sleep right on my head, happily purring as his paws draped over my face. First thing every morning, my hand would reach up to check to feel him for morning skritches. He loved to head butt and over the years when we had dogs, would display his love for them by flopping in front of them, begging them to play. Just like being a good and special boy his entire life, when he began feeling unwell, he immediately let me know. We were lucky enough to speak with Dr. Sally who assessed him and we discussed options in a kind and non-judgmental way.

I am grateful that I was able to cuddle him my little guy and comfort him as he quietly and peacefully slipped from this world to the next.
Dana ZazinskiARLINGTON, MassachusettsMarch 26, 2019
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I remember coming over to the house once to see two little bundles of fluff, Mikko and Ava. From the start, Mikko showed his adorable, endearing, and loving personality. I fondly remember bringing over both my dog Patsy and later Daisy and Mikko warmly welcoming them to the house with a raised paw, a head butt, and a belly flop. I have not had my own cats for a long time and it was always a pleasure to visit the house and give him cuddles and ear scritches. He brought happiness and companionship to all our lives and will be lovingly remembered and deeply missed.Auntie Meow - March 27, 2019
Your tribute to Mikko shows all the love you had from him because of what you gave him. I didn't realize the huge role he played in your life.
You are a great Mother to not only your children but to all the special pets that live with you.
Linda Crawford - March 27, 2019
Mr. Chubbs was the best cat a guy could ever know, I miss him already but I know he is in a happier place with Mrs. Armada and Winnie!Ian Wendel - March 26, 2019
Dana and family, I know what a special boy Chubs was. He trusted you to do the best for him, and I'm glad you were able to keep the end of his life painfree and filled with love. Penny and I send love from Oakland.Anna Davis - March 26, 2019
Mikko, you will always be a light of love in your mom's heart! Thank you for bringing so much joy into your family's world!SAlly LYNCH - March 26, 2019

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