Mister Butter
7/4/2007 - 5/9/2019He was so sweet and so loving. I'm so very lucky to have known such a precious being and experience that kind of love. I will love you always my baby boy and miss you Mister butterJames FoleyHyde Park, MassachusettsMay 10, 2019
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Sunny Bunny, Mr. Butter. A Beautiful Cat by any other name is yet a Beautiful Cat.

He had a fierce meow and could hold a good conversation. I used to laugh at him and called him my predator because he thought of himself as strong and a risk taker. He would eat anything and could jump onto any height. He always wanted to go outside and would watch the door for his chance! During his last days my son let him do all the things he had ever wanted to do and he spent glorious time in the yard. I/we will miss/love Him forever.
Love, mom
Fran Foley - May 11, 2019
Sweet Butter, you will always be a light of love in this world - thank you for creating so many wonderful memories with your daddy. You will be missed, but always celebrated.Sally Lynch - May 11, 2019
I'm sorry for you lossRo Vaughn - May 10, 2019
Bobby! So sorry. You loved that cat as much as he loved you. XO
Love you,
Nikki Mcmanus - May 10, 2019
In loving memory of Butter Boy he will be so missedSada Foley - May 10, 2019

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