12/20/2000 - 2/5/2014Today a man lost his best friend! Forever he will have him in his heart!
It was with a heavy heart I had to lay my boy to rest. He gave all of what he was to everything he did, and that was fight the good fight. We wished him farewell and sent him to his maker so that he could be at peace and run again without question.
Though Max gave me so much in his 13 years, it wasn't until he went on to Heaven that he taught me the most important thing......BE DELIBERATE! Be deliberate in everything you want to be, accomplish, live, etc. I only wish I had loved on him more often, run on the beach with him more often, wrestled with him more often. But the truth was other things kept me busy and distracted from the very things that made me feel JOY. So today go and be deliberate and love on someone, something, regardless of everything else in your life and remember to do it everyday. Because you never know when you wont be able to again. I know that I wish I could, and thus will remember to be real with my priorities regardless. This goes for people too!
Tim CabreraLighthouse Point, FloridaFebruary 11, 2014
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My precious Max boy-
You spent countless nights making me feel safe in my home and giving me the ability to rest without fear. You provided so many moments of laughter and happiness that I could not possibly count them all. You provided an ear that listened to me (two very big ears actually!) whenever I needed it. You were always there to comfort me when I needed it. You brought so much joy to my life each and every day. I will miss you so much and know I will see you again. Mommy loves you.......
Molly Cabrera - February 12, 2014
Dear Max,
You are an Angel now and whole once more, never to have a body that will set limits upon you. I see you running through fields of wildflowers and over majestic hills. I know, however, you are missing someone so very special. I also know that one day further on, you will be waiting at the entrance of Rainbow Bridge, waiting for your best friend Tim. And the reunion will be magnificent knowing that nothing will ever separate you again. Until that time sweet, brave Max, watch over your family and help them find peace and calm in their hearts. You gave all of yourself and blessed this home with an abundance of memories. You also taught some very poignant lessons along the way. You are loved more than infinity and will always be nestled close to the hearts you left behind. Farewell dear Max, until we meet again someday. With great depth of emotion, Dr. Laura
Laura Allison - February 12, 2014
What beautiful and inspiring words. Our pets love us unconditionally and we should learn from them how to love others. Peace to your handsome Maximus in heaven. I lost my Ginseng 12/23/13 and this site brings me comfort, I hope it does to you as well.Gina S - February 12, 2014

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