11/16/2002 - 1/12/2014Having Lap of Love available allowed our Nikki to pass over with her mother, brother, and three adopted sisters by her side. Being at home and not in the sterile environment of an office (no matter how homey they make it) gave peace to the hard decision of having to let our loving Nikki go. Dawnetta in her compassionate and loving way made this otherwise painful and tearful event into, dare I say, a beautiful event in life’s circle. For her service we are eternally grateful.
For those who do not think that dogs understand death or feel remorse (in the extent that dogs can), let me convey Nikki’s final moment. Dawnetta had given Nikki the lethal injection and was listening to her heart beat. As she was doing this Orlando, Nikki litter mate brother, let out a mournful cry, which was the only sound any of the dogs made during the entire process. Dawnetta said that Orlando’s cry came at the exact moment that Nikki’s heart beat for the last time. It was a profound moment.
The mourning for Nikki is of course there and a night does not pass without us telling her good night, but with all the pets that we have had to let go, we are at the most peace with how Nikki was allowed to pass over the bridge.
God bless you Dawnetta for your service and especially your kind and beautiful way.

Tim, Colleen, Sophie, Orlando, Penny, Mini and Sweet Pea O’Sullivan
tim osullivanst. louis, MissouriFebruary 12, 2014
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Tim, Colleen, and all of your fur-babies,
It truly is an honor for me to help families like you. I am humbled by the opportunity to be a part of such a difficult and touching time as a beloved pet's final moments with their family. The day Nikki earned her angel wings was truly a beautiful (although very difficult) time... Nikki was blessed to have you taking care of her, as I know you were blessed for having her in your life! She was a one of a kind sweetheart and I know she is deeply missed. I am glad to see pictures like the one you chose above... goofy and beautiful, showcasing her wonderful personality! Focusing on those memories is what helps you through the tough days, and I know you and your entire family are remembering her with love.
**hugs** to you all....
Dr. Dawnetta Woodruff - February 13, 2014

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