Alfonso (a.k.a. "Alfie")
3/13/2009 - 2/10/2014With a heavy heart, we are saddened to announce the very peaceful passing of our beloved "Alfie"-our nearly five year-old, 190 pound brown bundle of love-who fought a very brave, courageous 2 1/2 month battle with a somewhat rare neurological disorder called "incomplete ossification of the atlas."

In layman terms, this disorder is the failure of the number one cervical vertebrae (the "atlas") to fully develop and close ("ossify") most likely in his embryonic/fetal state well before his birth on March 13, 2009; to date, we are unaware if any of his eight siblings were also afflicted with this disorder.

In fact, until just this past November, Alfie hid any and all obvious neurological symptoms from us for a staggering 4 3/4 years-apparently an unheard of time span in veterinary circles! That said, I guess Alfie was simply meant to spend his relatively short but highly satisfying time here on planet earth with the two of us thus maximizing his fun before heading off for his next romp somewhere in the cosmos-most likely wherever cool marble hearths, swimming pools/rivers/oceans and endless supplies of tasty treats await!

We are crushed to let go of Alfie at such a relatively early dog age-even for a giant breed Newfoundland such as he-but bottom line we have always done what was absolutely the right, moral and responsible thing to do for Alfie and likewise Alfie returned the favor to us tenfold!

For those of you who had the great pleasure to meet and greet Alfie, he thanks you for your kindness and loving affection; however, Alfie only wishes you would have considered feeding him a bit more of whatever food you were eating at the time of your visit ;>)

The attached photos are a few of our personal favorites because they best capture Alfie's true spirit, temperament and demeanor.

We'll dearly miss our Alfie.

Bryan & Sharon
Bryan MyersSewell, New JerseyFebruary 12, 2014
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To our " Fonz" - Grandmom & Grandpop miss you (& Baci, too) so much! Both of you were such good boys-loving, smart
& such a special part of our family. Why the two of you had to leave us so young, we'll never understand, but God made sure you guys had the best mom & dad while you were with us. Mommy cooked your good foodies for you & Daddy made sure you slept with him. All the neighbors knew you guys from the many walks they took you on. These are the happy times Gram & Gramp are going to remember while you were here with us. We know we'll see you both again!
All Our Love Always!!! Grandmom & Grandpop
Annette & Joe Brigandi - March 2, 2014
Hayley Myers - February 28, 2014
Sharon & Bryan,
My team and I are saddened for you loss. Our thoughts are with the both of you.
Jaret Higley - February 18, 2014
Bryan & Sharon.....Mere words can never express how we all feel, when a loving member of the family has left us way too early. Alfie was (...and always will be) that loving part of your everyday life, and will always be lodged in the hearts and minds of all who were lucky enough to know him personally!! Take heart in knowing that both of you always provided the very best for him, as certainly we know he showered both of you right back, with his complete love, affection, and undieing devotion. ......As dog lovers ourselves, we know that day will come all too soon for us, and we will have to walk silently in your footsteps. It is my prayer, that we will be able to come to terms with our loss as well, and to remember all the best days on this earth, short as they may be......with our animal family friends!! .....Our deepest sympathies to you both. With love......Brad, Shelley, and Hayley Myers.Brad Myers - February 18, 2014
Alfie was our grand dog. He was a son-of-a gun when he was young but Bryan and Sharon worked very hard getting him to be the wonderful pet that he turned out to be. We were with him last May and he had become such a gentle giant, full of love and devotion for his mom and dad. He will be greatly missed.Donna Myers - February 17, 2014
Bryan & Sharon - So sorry for the loss of Alfie, sorry we couldn't have known him better, sure he was a sweet boy.
As a fellow doggie mommy, I know you're hearts are heavy and you will miss him.
gina iezzi - February 17, 2014
My Alfie: It's been one week since your Mommy and Daddy tearfully had to say "...see you later." Though it may be many, many years before our spirits are joyfully reunited forever and ever, in the meantime please take comfort knowing that you will always be fondly remembered in our thoughts and forever loved in our hearts. You were a very, very good boy-the very best boy!-with us here on earth and undoubtedly you're a very, very special addition to the heavens above! Now you go enjoy all your play time with Brother Baci (and all the other doggies too) in heaven but always remember that one day your Mommy and Daddy will also cross that fateful bridge too and finally we'll all be together again, forever and ever!Bryan Myers - February 17, 2014
Alfie, you were the best and sweetest dog anyone could ever have. I miss you horribly. But the fun times and sweet memories I had with you will keep me going. We'll be together again someday, but please rest in peace and have fun with Brother Baci in Doggy Heaven. I love you very, very, very much! MommySharon Myers - February 15, 2014
Your wonderful photographs are a true testament and reminder of the love shared by Alfie and the two most endearing people in his life.
Bob and Bev
Bob & Bev Cramer - February 14, 2014
Bryan & Sharon

Our hearts are broken for you. Alfie was loved by all and that should help to console you.
Larry & Vera Villarose - February 13, 2014
So sorry about Alfie,he was a good man...dana,tina,gino,rocky andracchio - February 13, 2014
What a great way to honor your Alfie. This is truly a beautiful tribute. I am so heartbroken for the both of you - anyone who has loved a pet knows your hearts are breaking, but in your hearts, he will ALWAYS live.mickie sapita - February 13, 2014
Sharon and Bryan,

We are so sorry for your loss. Alfie could not have had a better life than he had with you. May the happy memories help you through this time of loss.
Tricia Lude - February 13, 2014
So sorry for your loss.Nick & Rosita Presti - February 13, 2014

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