8/6/1999 - 12/15/2013Zak was a shy, but fun, brave and loving dog, just everything you would want in a pet and then some. It was heartbreaking to learn that at 14 years old he was diagnosed with anal gland cancer.
After the diagnosis, we were thrilled to have him for an additional six months, but then he started to decline fast. Because Zak would get car sick, our vet recommended Lap of Love because of their reputation, and they would come to our home.
On 12-15-13, we called Lap of Love, and Dr. Kim came to our home. She checked Zak confirming our timing for their service was perfect (which took a huge weight off our shoulders) as his stomach and lungs were holding water, and he started labor breathing. She explained every step to us in the most professional, patient, kind and caring manner as Zak received his angel wings while in my arms. Our other dog, “PC” then had the opportunity to be with her older brother and “sniffed” him as her way of saying goodbye which we believe is the reason "PC" is doing so well now that he is gone even though he was the alpha dog, and she was never without him. Words cannot express our gratitude before, during and after, as Dr. Kim even took several calls from me weeks later. We highly recommend and will always use their service when needed as they treated our dog like their own and would refer to him as "our little boy."
Looking back, we were so blessed to have had Zak, and we repaid him by giving him lots of love and the best of care throughout his life and up to the end by using Lap of Love and A Rainbow Crossing for his cremation as we could not have “scripted” Zakary earning his angel wings any better. Our hugs and sincere thanks Dr. Kim and Lap of Love, Darlene, Tony and "PC" Schaukowitch
Darlene SchaukowitchJupiter, FloridaFebruary 16, 2014
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Dear Zakary, PC too earned her angel wings Christmas Eve day. We know she is with you in spirit as you both will forever be in our hearts. Because of you two, we are now in the process of rescuing a female, Yorkie Mix, Izzy. Our donation for her is paying for heart surgery for a male, Yorkie Mix, Pancake, so we saved two dogs--as a tribute to you both. Izzy will never replace either one of you, but we know you both are happy we are helping two of your buddies. We have a lot of love to give another pet, so whatever Izzy gets from us, we know she will give us back much more as you both gave us. We miss you both unmeasurably, so take care of each other and rest in peace as Dad & I hope someday our spirits meet again. Love & Hugs Bubbies and Angel Baby, Mom and Dad 1-1-15Darlene Schaukowitch - January 1, 2015
It is as hard for us today as it was exactly one year ago today when you earned your angel wings. We miss you as you will always be in our hearts and memories. Love, Mom, Dad and Pc too.Darlene Schaukowitch - December 15, 2014
Ditto what Mom said--great dog and great memories. Until we meet again, Love Dad, Mom and PCTony Schaukowitch - November 28, 2014
Coming near Thanksgiving, and we are so thankful we had you for 14 and a half years. Love and remember you always, Mom, Dad and PC too!Darlene Schaukowitch - November 25, 2014
Love you Bubbies! Mom, Dad and PC too!Darlene Schaukowitch - November 24, 2014
We think of you and talk about great memories of you very often. Always in our hearts. Love, Mom, Dad and PC too! Miss you.Darlene Schaukowitch - November 18, 2014
Always in our hearts and missed very much. Love, Mom, Dad and PC too!Darlene Schaukowitch - October 14, 2014
We miss you every day Zak! Love, Mom, Dad and PC too!Darlene Schaukowitch - May 19, 2014
We are going to miss Zak terribly. He and PC greeted us the first day we moved into Maple Isle. He was not only a part of your special family, but ours and many others as well. Our hearts go out to you, Tony and PC.Daisy and David Sand - March 2, 2014
Little Zakary won the puppy lottery when he chose you and Tony as parents! He is one lucky dog and will always be bonded with you through the unconditional love you shared every day. I have many pictures of his sweet little face over the years and I enjoyed watching him grow along with you. I am so grateful that you found such peace in his passing through the loving care and compassion of 'Lap of Love.' I believe that Zak and Jazzy are now running pain free and are right beside us every time we have a loving thought of their special place in our families.Carla Horcick - February 23, 2014
Even though Zak is gone I know you will forever feel his presence in your home and in your hearts. Luke continually stops in front of your house, sniffs and looks around expecting you to be out with Zak & PC, he always enjoyed running into all of you on his many late night walks, (as have I). You did more than anyone I know to make sure Zak's passing was peaceful, surrounded by all who loved him. I know he is greatly missed.Leslie Arcari - February 19, 2014
Zac & Snuggles are now together again as they were best friends in life now best friends in heaven. Zak was such a wonderful, sweet dog and can not ever be forgotton. We miss and love him. We send our prayers of love to you, Tony & PC.Jenny Gochoel - February 18, 2014
It's never easy to lose a loved one, but it sounds like Zachary lived a long and happy doggie life. Good boy Zak!Rebecca williams - February 18, 2014
Every time we walk past your house, we think of Zak. He is such a sweet little guy. Cody loved to stand next to him, or over him to protect him like a big brother. Zak would stand on his back legs to get up to Cody's face. We all miss him.Rob Katz - February 18, 2014
So sorry to hear of your loss. Will miss Zak especially when I walk maggie on springwater.June ovadias - February 18, 2014
It's just not the same around Springwater Drive with the departure of our beloved friend Zak. Between Zak, PC, and Sugar, he was most certainly the mature one of the bunch. Never lost his cool even with Sugar and PC rough housing around him. The most miraculous feat of all is that he lived a long life despite the pestering neighborhood bully cat Spanky! Time will pass and our hearts will heal. It just isn't the same without the intertwined leashes of Zac and PC protecting our streets. Godspeed little Zac - we miss you buddy!Brad Westover - February 17, 2014
So very sorry to hear of your loss.... I understand how very hard it is too loose such a wonderful part of the family! I will miss him alot! I will be there with my granddaughter and Doug later this week. I hope we get to see you!

Love you!
Marilyn Koch - February 17, 2014
Dear Darlene and Tony,
Zak was a gentle and beautiful dog. We cherished his presence for years, next door. I remember when he arrived to your home, cute little puppy. A little bundle of love. So loyal and loving, so grateful to you. May you remember the wonderful moments he gave to you, the laughter and joy he shared. May you feel comforted knowing he is at a better place, no pain or aches now. Thanks for your friendship.

The Santiago Family
Yvonne and Miguel Santiago - February 17, 2014
Darlene I'm sorry for your loss. Zakary was a loving dog and we'll miss him.Carmen Feldman - February 17, 2014
What a touching story. I am so sorry for your loss. Losing a pet is very difficult, because they are a part of your family. It sounds like Lap of Love, made is as comfortable an experience as possible for your family and Zak.

Lisa O'Keefe - February 17, 2014
Zak has such a sweet face. We lost our Henry to anal gland cancer also. I hope Zak finds Henry at the bridge and they become fast friends.Debbie Moran - February 17, 2014
He will always hold a special place in my heart!Tonia Johnson (Riley) - February 17, 2014
Zak.....I will never forget your adorable face and cute disposition. You were so blessed to have such wonderful and caring parents.
As you already know they felt blessed to have you in their lives as well.
I know you are watching over them.
Kim Simons - February 17, 2014
We miss you daily. Rest in peace my "little bubbies." Love, Hugs, Rubs and Pets, Mom, Dad and PC tooDarlene Schaukowitch - February 17, 2014

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