3/7/2002 - 6/4/2019Snickers was the best dog ever and the most loyal companion. He was always the most welcoming every time I walked through the door. He took awhile to warm up to strangers but he was a good judge of character. He would follow me around the house and look for me even in his last year when he was blind. His nose worked excellent and he used it when he could no longer see. My heart is broken but I know he's in heaven waiting for me to join him some day. He's gone but never forgotten because after spending 17 years of my life with him, he's left a big hole. Nicky, Mommy loves you so much and you're my good boy❤️Terri ConeKingwood, TexasJune 7, 2019
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Snickers was an adorable little pup, who clearly had his owners wrapped around his little paw. When I met him he was lounging on his own little waterbed, with a personal fan directed his way. I love hearing stories of his younger years as he was loved on by his doting people. He will forever be missed!Colleen Lambo - June 12, 2019
We'll miss you, Sn[ee]ckers!Kristen Cone - June 12, 2019
❤️❤️Allison Cone - June 9, 2019
Cody Steinfeld - June 8, 2019
I didnt really know Snickers very well. I only saw him during the holidays when I visited with my wife and kid. You could tell though that he had a special bond with Terri. He was a good dog and you could tell how much he loved Terri. Rest in Peace boy.Patrick Mavis - June 8, 2019
I remember finding the ad for the woman who was selling Snickers in April 2002. I'm not sure what drew me to.that particular listing, but I remember having a gut feeling that he was going to be our new puppy. I begged and cried for my parents to let us get him. Took some convincing, but we eventually made the trek to the woman's house. I remember meeting Snickers' mom first. The fear that overtook me that Snickers was going to look just like his mom scared me. She definitely was not the cutest dog haha. But the second we saw Snickers, we knew he was coming home. As a puppy, he was a total cuddle bug. He even let me dress him in my American Girl doll clothes. I thought he was going to be my dog, but he had other plans. Quickly it became aware after our summer vacation that Snickers was my mom's. And that was just fine. Over the years, you could see their bond grow. They were best friends and loved each other in a way that was hard to explain. Snickers was loyal, sweet, cute as can be, a diva, and a wonderful fluff ball all in one. We were so blessed to have him as a part of our family for the last 17 years. Even my daughter loved him and his sassy ways. Snickers will be deeply missed and his passing will leave a lasting mark on the heart of this family. I know hes my mom's little angel looking out for her now. RIP Snickers. Thank you for a wonderful 17 years. We love you!Lauren Mavis - June 8, 2019

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