It was love at first sight. And for the 11,5 years that we were together, that love only grew…
Lymphoma cut our time in half, and only one thought gives me comfort right now; that you are not suffering any more. For that I am very grateful.
Our time together made me truly happy. Now it’s become so obvious.
I will never forget you. Though today I have only sad memories, hopefully in time they will be replaced with good, happy memories, memories that we have had for 11 years. You were a perfect cat. I will always love you.
Your human mom, or daughter... depending on the day…
Elena - April 2012
P.S.Thank you Dr. Jennifer Hawthorne for your care, for making Kappa’s last moments peaceful, and for sending me a card.
Elena .Mathews, North CarolinaNovember 19, 2012
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