Daisy Mae
5/8/2008 - 7/10/2019I write this through the tears in my eyes and words cannot describe the emptiness in our home and hole in my heart without you here. You were the perfect kitty, always doing what you think you should be doing...which is whatever would make us happy. You have helped the kids and me get through some rough times with your sweet, quiet, and gentle nature along with many hours of cuddling. Family members considered themselves lucky to be chosen as your lap buddy for your long sweet naps. And we wouldn’t get up for any reason until you decided to get up first.. The entire family understood when one of us wouldn’t get up because “Daisy is on me”. It was an unwritten rule that Daisy on our lap is an acceptable excuse to stay put.

You were often described as a dog trapped in a cat’s body...even people who didn’t like cats loved you. You wagged your little bob tail when you were happy.and loved to have your belly rubbed. When we had parties, you would position yourself in the center of a room full of people, rolled onto your back, and waited for any willing person to rub your belly Many times you ran in front of family members’ path to stop, drop, and roll over for a belly rub. No one could pass you up without doing just that. That adorable tiny belly was too irresistible to pass up. Your sweet high pitched meow and tolerance to anything made everyone who met you fall in love with you. We have had people come over to the house just to see you and no one left without getting to visit with you for a little bit. Even strangers could see how special you were. Whenever I had a garage sale, I had to put you in the house even though you wanted to be with me out on the driveway. People wanted to buy you, not my items for sale! I often worried that a customer would steal you.

You were a loyal companion. There wasn’t a single time that I was working on a project sitting on the floor that you didn’t come up and join me. It was not uncommon for us to be driving somewhere and to turn around to see a beautiful stow away in the back seat of my minivan sitting content on the seat....which was a pleasant and funny surprise to have you accompany us regardless of where we were going. Of course, you were always welcome. Most importantly, you were our rock and strength during some difficult times. Somehow you always knew when I needed a loving cuddle.

The beginning of May (2019), a month before my wedding, you started to walk off balance so I took you to the vet. I was so scared the vet would tell me you had a stroke and needed to be put to sleep but I was beyond relieved to hear that your labs were perfect and it was just an ear infection affecting your balance. I made sure you didn’t miss a dose of your antibiotic ear drips even giving them a few extra days...but.. 2 weeks later, when I finished with the ear drops) your ear was bleeding. So again, I took you back to the vet. This time I was given the dismal news. You had a tumor in your ear canal. With my wedding and honeymoon in 2 weeks, the timing couldn’t be worse. The vet told me that you wouldn’t live til the wedding. I was broken hearted. You were too beautiful to die. You still have 6-8 good years left with us. That night you didn’t leave my side. I spent many days crying when it should have been a happy time before my big day. Once again, you came through for me. You stayed strong long enough for me to get through my wedding and honeymoon. My sister cared and loved you while I was gone. Otherwise, I might not have been able to leave.

You remained strong until your sweet, beautiful little body couldn’t fight anymore. Yesterday we had to make the difficult decision to take your pain away and allow you to go to sleep in peace. You crossed the rainbow bridge and no longer feel pain or fatigue. You remained beautiful as you drifted peacefully to sleep. We all wept as you took your last breath. A beautiful wooden box was make for you and messages of love were written on hearts then placed into the box with you. You looked like sleeping beauty.

Many people said throughout the years how lucky you were to have us as a family. A big house to roam, never lacking attention, etc...but...They couldn’t be more wrong. WE were the lucky ones. You made such a profound impact in our lives for such a tiny little kitty under a thick layer of fluffy fur. Thank you for the time you gave us, Daisy May. Good bye for now, Rest In Peace... until we meet again, sweet kitty!!
Melissa LeeIndianapolis, IndianaJuly 12, 2019
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Ming reminded me of how I feel about Daisy Mae. And Yes, Daisy and Ming are definitely no longer in pain and able to play together. In October I am getting 2 more American Bobtails who are from the same lady who I bought Daisy from. American Bobtails are known for being dogs in cat bodies and the golden retriever of cats. They are Daisy's great nieces. lol I know that I should get a rescue cat but if I can have just a little part of my girl live on then I am doing it. I know our Ming and Daisy cannot be replaced but I hope you will be able to have another fur baby cat again to love.Melissa Parrish - August 30, 2019
thank you so much for lighting a candle for Ming. Daisy sounds just like him! what a beautiful girl. i am an indiana girl too! hopefully our 'dogs in a cat's body' are playing with each other right now :).Bridget Berliner - August 27, 2019

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