Zoey Erdmann Hyams
10/4/2004 - 2/20/2014Zoey (Zo, Zoeymonger, Monger, Noodlemaker, Zoeymacaroni, Sweetness, Dearheart, Stinkerbocker, Cutie Pie, Little One, Fuzzy Face, Honey Pie, Baby-Bacon, Noodle, Snuggle-Puss, Crazyhead),

You gave us so much love and knew us so well. We loved playing ball with you, watching you try to catch squirrels, play with your “log” and other toys, and of course taking you for hikes and walks. You were silly and funny and brought so much joy to our house. Everywhere we went, from temporary to longer, was home as long as we were all together. You were the best daughter (that was shaped like a dog) we could have ever imagined.

All through your life you wanted a nice balance of together time and alone time. You wanted loving togetherness but also independence. You wanted a good snuggle with us in the mornings and at night, and even at nap time. But, you also liked a good alone snuggle. When you were resting and we bothered you, you let us know with your vocal displeasure and usually just put up with our neediness. It was the same with petting. You were the softest dog in the universe and often just didn’t feel like being pet. You again, put up with our tender caresses for long stretches of time, but when you were through, you’d relocate. You always knew what you wanted. We always knew what we wanted too: we wanted to love and take care of you forever.

Julia’s 3408 days and Mark’s 2342 days with you were nowhere near enough. We have so much more love to give you and our hearts are aching in your absence. The house is quiet, and without you it no longer feels like a home. We miss your neck hugs, “talking,” happy dances, your help in the kitchen, your junior gardening, night time tiptoes to be invited up on the people-bed, wiping off your feet, reminding you to chew your food, giving you treats, watching all your tricks, and reminding you to look both ways at street corners. We miss everything about you. We are so glad you are not suffering anymore. We hope you know that we had you sleep because we loved you so much and didn’t want you to have to hurt or be a trooper on our behalf.

You will be missed forever. We love you, Zoey.
Julia and Mark HyamsSt. Louis, MissouriFebruary 25, 2014
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Zoey, I remember the sleepover we had while my parents (Davin and Emily) were out of town. You have such cool parents. Mark and Julia took such good care of me. Thanks for showing me all the good sniffing spots in the backyard. Thanks for cleaning up after me too. I'm sorry I kept you up at night with my snoring. Love, PebblesPebbles - February 28, 2014
We loved having Zoey spend Christmas with us and watching her cuddle up in Ryder's chair. Much love to you.Nick & Pepper Erdmann - February 27, 2014
Zoey, you were more to me than I ever imagined. You always made me smile and laugh. You brought so much joy to our house, and it feels so empty now. I'm so sorry you had to leave us so early. I can't believe you had to get sick. It all happened so fast. Zoey, little girl, my noodle, you will live on in my heart forever. I love you!Mark Hyams - February 27, 2014
I miss you every moment, my sweet. I have such a huge hole missing from my heart without you. Nothing seems right without you. Thank you for the tiny miracles you keep showing me though. It helps me know you are alright... I love you so very much!Julia - February 26, 2014
Mark & Julia
I love looking at your family pictures of you with Zoey. She was so loved and she had love all over her face. These next few days, weeks, months are going to be so very sad. There's an incompleteness where you little fur baby once was. Her panting, nails on the floor, nose prints on windows, empty bowls you no longer need to fill. It's a sad heartache that doesn't heal for quite sometime. She was always there with her unconditional love, waiting for you to come home and greeting you like you are the best person in the whole world. I have had that same bond with my dogs, Angie, Dutchess, Jake, and Lady along with my cat Kitty. We now have Charlie who is my spoiled love and Winnie who is our newest baby. They are our family and the time they have with us is not longe enough. Zoey was such a sweetie when she warmed up to me at your pumpkin party. She was very blessed to have you both as her parents. She had all the love she needed and experienced more than most dogs. She will always be part of your memories. My deepest sympathy to you both, as you get through the next few days, weeks and months with new routines and an incomplete feeling. Time will help you heal.
Maria Ulffers - February 26, 2014
I didnt get to spend very much time with you. Actually, I only really met you a few times! But every time I spent with you I couldn't stop smiling because of your adorable personality and sweet eyes that were ALWAYS decked out with fabulous eyeliner :) I just loved how crazy your tail would go when I would come to pet you! You gave your parents so much happiness and many reasons to smile every day, and I know that they loved you as much as any human parents could love their pup <3 you will always be remembered by everyone who ever had the pleasure to meet you.

Anna (Charlie's mom)
Anna Spina - February 26, 2014
Zoey,my fondest memories of you were while we were stomping through the mountains near Silverton together. First you were there, then you were a speck in the distance. My, you were fast, and you had such a free and beautiful spirit!Steve Dunn - February 25, 2014
Julia & Mark,
You were the very best family that Zoey could have ever asked for! You blessed her with a wonderful life full of love & devotion! And she blessed you with her very presence in your life <3 I know that you miss her sweet face and her quirky, wonderful antics... but I hope that every time you remember her, the joy she gave to your family over the years brings a smile to your heart.
Dr. Dawnetta Woodruff - February 25, 2014

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