7/28/2010 - 7/17/2019Alley was, is my best friend. I never called her a pet because she wasn’t. She’s was always there for me from the time she was a kitten, protective and loving. A stubborn little thing too. Words can’t describe how much I love her.Crystal GutierrezHouston, TexasJuly 18, 2019
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Alley was so incredibly lucky to have you in her life Crystal and you were lucky to have her. She may be gone in body but her spirit is still (and will always be) here for all of us to enjoy. I'll miss having to wonder if she's going to bite or paw at me while I'm giving her all the love. This was a beautiful tribute and we'll honor her memory properly (the only way we know how) next time we get the chance. Both of you are in my thoughts and prayers <3.John A - July 31, 2019
I know how much a part of your family Alley is, C, and I am keeping both of you in my prayers. My heart hurts for you, but I find comfort knowing that she was loved so well and so fully until her very last day (and even beyond.) She will live on forever in our hearts ❤️Alexis Elafros - July 31, 2019
What beautiful pictures! You can see how much love you shared especially in the one of the two of you cuddled up. together. I also love hearing the stories about her. She was such an amazing girl! May these memories keep her with you forever in your heart. ❤️Christina Guillory - July 24, 2019
Although I never had the pleasure of meeting Alley in person, I could tell from Crystal’s enthusiastic and elaborate stories, how immensely loved she was in this life. Enough even, to last well into the next one.. Tiffany - July 20, 2019

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