11/21/2006 - 7/20/201912.5 years. You gave us 12.5 years more than I thought I ever wanted with you...until I met you. And now I can’t imagine that time without you. Your half human half dog personality roped me in. I’m not sure you even knew you were a dog. You definitely didn’t know you were a big dog. I know we didn’t appreciate every day together, but we loved calling you ours for so many years. You were our first baby, and you sure lived up to it. Sleeping in bed under the blankets was one of your favorite things.
You’ve traveled all across the country. You had the chance to hike in Utah, swim and explore in Washington, sunbathe in Georgia, climb mountains of snow in New York, live your final healthy years in Virginia and rest easy in New Jersey. I hope you loved your life as much as we loved having you in ours. Leaving you in January was so difficult, and I will feel guilty about it for a long time. We’ can’t thank Allison, Dan and the boys (Fergus too) enough for taking you in and loving you in our absence. I know we made the best decision we could given our situation. Everyone who met you loved you. There will forever be a few less laughs in our lives. Enjoy all the blankets, butt sniffing, stuffed animals and treats over the rainbow bridge. Some of your friends are waiting. We love you!
Mom, Dad, Liam, Camilla, Mallory
Nicole OvertonWestampton, New JerseyJuly 22, 2019
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