9/29/2014 - 2/27/2014You were there when no one else was, you saw me thru the worse part of my life and always wagged your tail to make me happy. I know you are not suffering anymore and I wish that were enough to take the pain away, but its not. I feel so guilty for every time I scolded you, and all you ever did was love me in return. You were the dog of my life. I love you so so much, I will always keep you in my heart and mind until the day that I pass. You deserve no less.William MinaOrlando, FloridaMarch 4, 2014
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To my beautiful princess words can not describe how much I love you. I still remember the first day I met you like if it was yesterday! You lived and long pricous life and you were loves by everyone! You did no wrong in our eyes! Towards the end of your like I distanced myself because it hurt me a lot to see you suffer, looking back on it now I regret every minute of it. You were the best dog any family could ask for. Just know that we will always love you and the memories we have together are irreplaceable. I love you my angel!Natalie Pineiro - March 5, 2014
Deisy brought you home one day and immediately you stole my heart. We decided to name you Sofia because you were so elegant and reminded us of Sofia Loren's classyness. You loved to play with daddy the chasing game, you loved to cuddle with Jenny because you felt protected with her. I used to cover my head and walk in the house and you would bark until you caught my scent and knew it was me, I spent so much money to keep you healthy but not once did I regret doing it as a matter of fact I was proud of it. You survived cancer when you were ten, got lost three times when I thought I would never see you again but you always came back. Now I would give anything to hold you one last time. You were a happy happy doggie, you had a good life. I hope you knew that we loved you like nothing before. We shall miss you baby. My poochi poochie niña pochicha.William Mina - March 5, 2014

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