11/13/2008 - 8/15/2019On Thursday, August 15, 2019, around 2:00 pm, our sweet Zia passed away peacefully at home with her head cradled gently in my arms. Only six days prior, she'd been the happy, playful dog we'd always known, but with a little cough. On the evening of August 12th, worried about an increase in breathing rate, I brought her to the emergency vet. The next day, she was diagnosed with aggressive sarcoma, and her body quickly deteriorated. The suddenness of her illness has been both painful and consoling.

Jesse and I got her in New Mexico as a 6-week-old puppy. She was our “only child” for four years before becoming a family dog. Although that was not a role she was particularly excited about, she excelled none the less. Isaac (age 6) laments the loss of our dining room "vacuum", and Victor (age 4) misses her most at night, when she would provide security in his bedroom.

True to her labrador nature, she never met a stranger. If she ever went missing, we knew we'd find her on a neighbor's porch, or even inside their house. But there was one time when she was truly missing, and all of our neighbors graciously joined us in the search.

She was my constant art studio companion, as well as my creative muse. I have painted countless images of her. She had the most beautiful angles and was an exceptional model. Her absence in our home and my work space has left a palpable and painful void.

I miss her bright, brown eyes watching me constantly, her wet nose nudging my elbow affectionately, and her big, warm, body hogging our queen-sized bed. The fur she shed will be in our home for years to come, and countless loving memories will be in our hearts forever.
Bethany BashDurham, North CarolinaAugust 16, 2019
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Dear Zia,

I miss you. I miss burying my face in your thick furry neck and seeing your tail wag almost constantly. I miss the way we paid each other so much attention. I miss sharing naps with you.

We have another dog now. His name is Blake. I don’t know what you’d think of him, but I hope you’re proud of us for letting our hearts open up to him.

We compare him to you a lot. Not in a “I wish Blake were different” way, but as a way to acknowledge your absence and honor our grief. It also sets him apart from you in a necessary way.

We have your painted portraits all over the house. I wonder how it would feel to paint another portrait of you, now that you’re gone.

I hope you visit me in my dreams some time soon. I miss you and will always love you.
Bethany Bash - May 24, 2020
Oh Bethany. I’m so sorry.Lindsay Tomsheck - September 4, 2019
I send my sympathy to the Bash family. I truly have never met a more loving and gentle animal in my life. I will miss her love and snuggles. Miss Zia was one of a kind !!! Love, ScottScott Pelzer - August 28, 2019
We are so glad you were part of our cul-de-sac, Zia. We will forever cherish the times you snuck up to our front porch to say hi (and the few times even inside our house) and gave Dave a chance to pretend you were his. You were the sweetest dog I've ever known and if we ever get a dog, I hope she is just like you.Megan Eilenberger - August 23, 2019
Oh, I am SO sorry for your loss. She was a presence, undeniably, and will be loved forever.Cora Lynn Deibler - August 23, 2019
We will always remember Zia, such a sweet and gentle girl.. Lynn and Paul - August 21, 2019
Sweet Zia, I was lucky to get to know you. The couple of times that I visited Bethany, you made me feel like I was part of the family. <3Stefanie Kealey - August 20, 2019
Holding y’all in my heart.
Iman Sheikh - August 20, 2019
Beautiful tribute to a beautiful creature. Thank you for sharing her with the rest of us. Your posts of her throughout the years truly made me consider adopting a dog into our family, though I don’t really know how to be a dog mommy. I am so sorry for your loss. I hope the memories of her, and her living on through your art, will bring you comfort in the sadness. Hugs to all of you!Michele Wernersbach - August 20, 2019
Rest easy, Zia.
Say ‘hey’ to Fido and Chino for me.
Tim Caron - August 20, 2019
I know how much it hurts. I am sorry you have to go through this. Thinking of you allDan Gasparino - August 20, 2019
We are not dog owners but if we could choose a favorite pet, that would be Zia. Your memorial brought us both to tears.
Just after meeting Zia, Jan would praise this amazing puppy our friends have. Myself, as a person that has never had a pet but has taken care of many animals in the farm, I would always be amazed about how much understanding I found within her eyes.

Rest sweet girl. I am also sad about how sudden this has been, but glad her disease did not steal much of her joyful days.

Love to all of you guys. Very sorry for your loss.
Bea and Jan Paniagua-Werner - August 20, 2019
Your sweet words brought tears to my eyes. We just lost our sweet dog in March, so I can Relate to the void
And sadness. Zia was a once-in-a-lifetime dog...she was so perfect and so loved by all who met her. Much love to you guys as your hearts heal from this loss. I know She will never be forgotten.
Lisa Stinnett - August 20, 2019
Still can’t believe I’ll never see you again Zia, I won’t forget your imploring looks to sit on the couch and how much you obviously loved your family, even as it grew bigger. I miss you and will always treasure the drawing your mom did of you.Jen K - August 19, 2019
My heart breaks for your family. Zia was the best dog! I could have had a terrible day and come home to her at my car door ready to give me love! Thank you for letting us snuggle her...our lives were better because of her happy face!Autumn Banning - August 19, 2019
We loved you as if you were our own. We miss you so much.Stuart Cantrell - August 19, 2019
I am so sad for you all.Wendy Loveland - August 19, 2019
Zia was a loving member of the Bash family and left beautiful memories.
She will be dearly missed and remembered.
Jean n James - August 19, 2019
Rest in peace, beautiful angel. You will always be loved.Betsy King - August 19, 2019
We miss you!Jesse Bash - August 19, 2019
My sweet girl. I’ll love you always.Bethany Bash - August 19, 2019

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