2/22/2007Champagne Popcorn Evans Smart Champagne was a very stubborn cute and very assertive young man he knew what he wanted when he wanted it and he would always get what you want but he was always sweet every time he did it he played with all of our smaller dog that we had he was the only boy in a house full of women or girls and they were all smaller but he was OK with that he like to lay down and watch TV he liked his favorite little spot at Yard he would dig a hole and he would make a little circle by the fence and that was his favorite spot to be no head of what it could be raining cats and dogs and he’ll be in his little spot outside if he did that side because that’s where he wanted to be. I rescued champagne from town lake center a woman was actually throwing puppies out on 35 because she didn’t want them so she was throwing them out on the highway and unfortunately I believe that definitely traumatize him because I never could get him to ride in a car I tried several times and it freaked him out he literally jumped out of the window of time that was the last time we tried driving in the car with him because he just did not want to be in the car he finished pre-Kay he went to kindergarten first grade and Petsmart and he graduated all of them he was very good but he hated leaving because he knew the car and he did not under any circumstances want to be in anyone’s car he did not like riding in the car so the trainers would have to give him extra treats. My most important memory from Champaign is when I was living in one of my houses it had mold mold to the extent where mushrooms ended up growing out of the wall I wasn’t aware of that I had really bad asthma and I didn’t know why was sick because it was in an area that I couldn’t see and he kept telling me something in that mind you he was a puppy at the time who used to eat the walls which was a bad boy but it’s saved my life because he found it and when I was unconscious he barked and barked and barked to someone came and helped me .Katherine SmartManor, TexasAugust 19, 2019
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