3/30/2012 - 8/19/2019Brody was a Big Dog lookalike with a single mission in life: Love, be loved, and get a tummy rub. He had impeccable manners with toddlers and small children, loved adults but made sure other canines understood he was the Alpha Male on the scene. He was adopted from English Springer Rescue Association (ESRA) in 2012 - and no one has a record of his birth date or early years. He was about 4 when we became his forever family. Before long, Brody Bowden rose to full family member status (which is why his death is so devastating to those who knew and loved him). We have lost one of US. There may be another dog -- we've adopted many special ones in the past -- but Brody will be a lifetime memory for the children and grandchildren who loved him.Robert BowdenSarasota, FloridaAugust 20, 2019
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Hugs, peace and love.Laura Schmid - August 28, 2019
Through the years I have loved the pictures of this beautiful dog with you and your family. He had a wonderfully happy life and he deserved it ! I do believe in the hereafter so I know he is there watching over all of you and healthy and happy !Cleo Browne - August 27, 2019
I created a Final Tribute video/slideshow that shows how much love moved from and to this much-loved canine. I made the video available to the public at Bowden - August 27, 2019
I'll now imagine Scoop and Brody sniffing and peeing and pooping together on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. Exceptional dogs who've left great memories with their humans.Judy Hill - August 23, 2019
Brody, you were a life saver. Not only for Bob and Barbara but for all of us. The adventures of B & B made me laugh out loud, made me smile with every thought of you and touched my heart.
Bob and Barbara, I’m so sorry. I lost my sweet Ginger right after Charlie. The best black and white springer ever. That may be debatable but I have never fully recovered. I feel your pain.
Brody, big boy, I hope you are in a place that has treats and no pain.
Thanks for being you. You touched so many along the way in ways you never even knew.
Paula Kaye - August 23, 2019
Brody, you will be missed so much. I loved reading the stories "Dad" posted. I will miss seeing you when I'm at the house for our sorority meetings.
Remember how much you were loved and the joy you brought to everyone.
Kathleen Leepart - August 23, 2019
Brody, you were the perfect fuzzy family member. You gentle love will never be forgotten.Anna Champagne - August 22, 2019
RIP, Sweet Brody. I never got to pet you in person, because I'm in California.
I'm going to miss the stories your Dad, Tropical Bob, told about you on Facebook. I'm going to miss seeing pix of you, and seeing how much you loved your Phart Pig. You were so sweet with all of the little ones who grew to love you and will miss you so much.
You were a very lucky boy because TB loves Springers, and he picked YOU! You were loved very much and will be missed by more people than you ever met. See, I love Springers too. You guys (and, of course, your sisters, the gals) are very special dogs.
I'm glad Dr. Champagne was able to help you cross the Rainbow Bridge in the comfort of your own home. We have a special vet like her here too.
Springers just bring good things into every life they touch!
To the Bowden and Golden families, my sincere condolences. To TB, may your heart heal around the hole Brody left. Someday, the right ESRA email might just show up in your inbox, you just never know.
Diane Starner - August 22, 2019
Although I never saw Brody face to face, I watched him become the loving center of the Bowden family through Bob Bowden’s delightful Facebook pictures and posts. Brody was so precious with the grandchildren, such a loyal companion to Bob, such a sweet and patient soul. I miss him already. He had a beautiful dog life with Bob and Barbara, the life if a rescue dog’s dreams. I hope he crossed the rainbow bridge to find even more joy.Judy Sedgeman - August 22, 2019
Miss him!Barbara Bowden - August 22, 2019
Such a special dog. So perfect with small grandchildren. Thank you, Brody, for blessing the lives of the many who knew and loved you.Robert Bowden - August 22, 2019

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