7/24/2005 - 8/19/2019It's hard to express how much love and joy this sweet girl brought into ours lives. Focused, intense, pushy, and demanding- she was also the most loving and loyal dog. Our house feels empty without her and our hearts are hurting more than I ever could have imagined. I'm so grateful for the time she was with us.Joel MaddenAtlanta, GeorgiaAugust 21, 2019
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Reading about all your adventures with her warms my heart. I know her memory will live on through you both and through Sam. I could tell that Gracie girl was special!Elizabeth Johnson - September 2, 2019
Sweet Gracie. I first met her years ago when we would come over to watch Drag Race every week at Marc and Joel's house and Gracie (affectionately dubbed "Rapesy") would take turns humping all of our legs as we watched the show. At the time, it drove me nutso—this isn't news to either Marc or Joel—but a couple of boyfriends and their dogs later and my tune changed on pretty much every dog I've met thereafter. I used to not understand the phenomenon of letting your pet become so interwoven into your life, not just a companion but, often, the very best part of your day when it's been a shitty one and they still just want to love you, be loved and welcome you no matter how hard or trying your day may have been. That's love, pure and unconditional, and it's something I know Gracie gave to Marc and Joel throughout the years. She was a sweet girl and so much a fixture of their lives and household that it'll be hard to imagine all of it without her. Thank you Gracie for helping to chip away at my hard outer shell, I think you may have softened me on the way to all the pups that came after you. P.S. Mandy says hello and please don't try to mount me when we meet again.Andre Arriaga - August 24, 2019
Marc and Joel - almost all of my wonderful memories with y’all also include Gracie. Such fun times at the beach, the mountains, the lake, your house. It truly won’t be the same without her. Wally will also miss her.....he’s indifferent toward most dogs but he loved Miss Gracie, from that very first trip to the beach when he was a puppy. She brought a lot of joy to our lives! I’ll miss her a lot. Love y’all.John Hood - August 23, 2019
Amazing Gracie! She definitely saved you Joel. She saw you at your worst... and best! She was an awesome daughter & you're an awesome dad! I'm sure she's sending you a million licks from doggie heaven. I too am saddened as I have great memories. The hours of chasing a rubber frisbee, sweet cuddles & kisses, and of course humping my leg come to mind. Hugs & comfort to you and Marc!Dennis Long - August 23, 2019
Joel and Marc,

I am so sorry for your loss. I know Gracie was a great gal. I have known her and had so many good times with her, from trips to the lake, to the mountains and just sitting in your living room while dodging her incessant face matter what we did...the licks kept a coming. She was nothing if not persistent. Loved her and will remember her fondly. She was a pistol.

Sanders Hulsey - August 22, 2019
Gracie, you will always be remembered as a feisty loving little girl ❤️Suzanne Igoe - August 22, 2019

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