Bella Suter
11/12/2007 - 8/3/2019Bella was my whole world and I miss her so much. I always told her she was my soulmate. She had such a kind spirit and touched everyone she met with her sweet, fun disposition and happy tail. She was a social girl and loved being around family and friends (both human and furry). I volunteer at an animal shelter and she was so welcoming to any dog that came into our home to visit. They knew they had an instant friend and could relax and have fun with us thanks to Bella. I'm thankful for all the adventures we shared. Her last few years weren't easy but you would never know it. She always had a dog smile on her face and tail wagging. She was a brave, strong girl. Rest in were my sun and moon and stars. I know Bishop and Max were excited to see you in heaven and greeted you with a ball. I will love you forever.Laura SuterCincinnati, OhioAugust 22, 2019
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We all miss Bella and have a lot of great memories. She loved being around family and always seemed so happy being around everyone. I remember how much she loved going to the beach and laying by the water. She was a great dog friend and I will miss you Bella.Matt Suter - August 29, 2019
Bella was more than a companion. She was family to all of us. Her dog smile couldn’t be beat, and we loved hanging out with her at holidays and family gatherings. TJ especially loved to give her gentle pets and help her walk on our shiny floor! Such good buddies. I also don’t think Bea minded at all when her cousin stole her dog bone or drank her water. Family shares what’s theirs. :)

Bella was a whiz with a frisbee, but my favorite was when she would find all of her “guys” to bring to you as a greeting. She looked so proud to present them to you! She always made people feel loved and at ease knowing they had a friend in her.

Bella was a fighter and a brave, beautiful girl. We will miss having that awarm dog friend soul in our lives.
Alexis Suter - August 23, 2019

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