Miracle Haley
5/21/2009Our Miracle Haley was so full of life. A month ago she was playing with
my kids and I and being her silly self. 3 weeks ago she was diagnosed with
Osteosarcoma and we were told she’d only have a couple of weeks. We took her to an oncologist
Had some tests run and weighed the options (most of which are out of state). We chose to not amputate
Her leg and decided to give her iv pain medication- sadly, this medication didn’t help and within a few days-
she couldn’t use her leg and her eyes were filled with pain. We decided to schedule her forever sleep. The day
Before her sleep was particularly hard on her.. until my sons came by to see her. My mother performed reiki on her
Shoulder and soon after- she wanted to play. She couldn’t get up, but she played and played with my son and smiled the whole
Time. After he left- she stayed in good spirits. Her last few days were filled with steak, scrambled eggs, whipped cream,
Cheese and pretty much anything she wanted. Lap of Love came to our home yesterday. While Mira laid between my daughter and I,
she was administered a pain medication that made her sleepy (while eating Reese’s and cheese whip). She laid her head down and
Went to sleep while my daughter and I pet her and told her how much she means to us and how much we love her.
Mira was the softest dog that anyone had ever pet- people constantly said that- she had gorgeous blue eyes and her eyes sparkled.
She was always gentle with babies and people. She loved to chase our horses and loved to play fight. She gave birth to puppies once and
was a great mom. She was known for contorting her self in very odd resting positions.
We will always love her.
Michelle CopesOwasso, OklahomaAugust 22, 2019
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What a beautiful girl and what a loving family. I’m glad to have met her.Rhiannon Gonzalez - August 23, 2019
I miss you baby girl. I’ll miss every little thing you do and I know you are with all of your puppies and all of our other lost family members. I love you so much and I will see you again. Be forever young, happy, and free. My little smiley baby.Mikaci Barnes - August 22, 2019

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